A traffic accident between two cars took place in Savonlinna on Monday at about ten o'clock, the police of Eastern Finland inform.

On Moinsalmentie, a passenger car driven by a local man was turning left on a smaller side road, with a 27-year-old male driver behind him driving after him.

Both vehicles were scrapped in an accident, and the driver of the vehicle being towed was slightly injured in the situation.

After the crash, when the four passengers of the chased vehicle learned that the police were coming to the scene, they decided to escape into the woods. Police marveled at the berry buckets left in the car, on the basis of which those who left the scene had not even left to pick berries.

The task was handled by two police patrols and in addition dog patrols from Kuopio and the Border Guard were coming to the scene.

Eventually, however, passengers were lured by phone to get out of the woods before the dog patrols arrived at the scene. According to police, they had been lost for a while.

The reason for the escape was revealed that the berry pickers did not have passports with them, which made them afraid of getting into trouble. The identities were checked at the accommodation from the travel documents and had no remarks.

It is not known whether an inquiry into the surroundings of the accident site produced a result, ie whether a good blueberry spot was found for the afternoon, the police state humorously in the press release.

According to the police, this was a fairly normal traffic accident in which the guilt was clear and alcohol had no part in the matter. The chasing driver is suspected of endangering traffic safety.