The British secret service is receiving ominous mail. A 4.2-millimeter - made of 23 carat gold - cartridge with a dumdum bullet is brought to M's table. Three numbers are engraved on the sleeve: 007. James Bond is in trouble.

The ammunition sender is thought to be the famous assassin Francisco Scaramanga. Very little is known about Scaramanga. However, enough that he has a golden weapon, three nipples, and is assisted by a short-lived servant, Nick Nack. Bond, played by Sir Roger Moore, must once again fly to an exotic destination to chase bad guys and beautiful women.

Lee and Moore were old friends. They first met in the filming of The Golden Girl in 1949.

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007 and the Golden Gun was quite a leap in career for Christopher Lee, who played Scaramanga. The man had starred in Count Dracula in 1958 in a film of the same name. Lee had to sharpen his canines several times since then, as the role of vampire fell on him a total of seven times in the Hammer production company’s horror films.

Lee's mother had divorced and remarried. The new man also happened to be the uncle of Bond’s creator, author Ian Fleming.

At least the kinship that came through the marriage trade didn’t stop Lee from being hired as a Bond bastard. According to the story, Fleming would have wanted Lee to be in the very first Bond, but producers Harry Saltzman and Albert R. Broccoli had already made a deal with Canadian Joseph Wiseman, who was baked by Dr. No.

Scaramanga was one of the most memorable Bond villains.

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Three years after making Bond, Lee packed his bouquet and sweater, left England behind and moved to the United States.

- A couple of my friends, Dick Widmark and Billy Wilder told me that it would be worth leaving London or always acting like a villain, Lee said in an interview with The Telegraph in 2011.

- I was no longer the star of horror movies. I was an actor, Lee commented in another interview on the consequences of his move.

Lee worked. A lot. Film role per year, six in the best. In 1998, he starred Pakistani founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah in the film Jinnah.

This role was most appreciated by Lee.

- For me, Jinnahin role is the most important I have ever done. The burden on my shoulders was huge. I went to the country whose founder I played. I was in front of his own people for 10 weeks, Lee has said, according to The Express Tribune.

Lee played an impressive role in the wizard Sarumaninna Taru Lord of the Rings trilogy and in two Hobbit films.

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In the 21st century, Lee made his most prominent film roles. In the first three episodes of Star Wars, an old vampire grabbed Count Dooku's laser sword. Directed by Peter Jackson in the Tale of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Lee was Saruman White, the wizarding and deceptive leader. Saruman also remained Lee’s last role. The actor returned to Middle-earth in The Hobbit - The Battle of the Five Armies.

Lee was known for his height, but also for his harmonious voice. It was, therefore, self-evident that the man also excelled as a heavy singer on several occasions. In 2006, Lee released the album Revelation, in which he sang covers. Charlemagne: By the Sword and the Cross and Charlemagne: The Omens of Death were the actor’s own concept albums with symphonic heats and power metal.

Lee released the single Let Legend Mark Me as the King on his 90th birthday. At the same time, he became the oldest heavy singer in history.

The award-winning Lee was knighted in 2009, six years before his death.

Lee was awarded BAFTA for his life’s work in 2011. Next to his wife Birgit Kroencke.

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Lee wanted to leave his boots on, as he announced in one of his most recent interviews. That's what the actor did. He was preparing for a drama called 11th along with Uma Thurman, but this time the scythe man was faster than a vampire. Lee died on Sunday morning, June 7, 2015, at a London hospital.

- The only thing you can learn from acting is its basic methods. The end is a mixture of instincts, imagination and ingenuity, Lee gladly stated.

Roger Moore described Villechaize as a tough female man.

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The career of the second villain of the Golden Gun, Hervé Villechaize, did not take on a very similar flight. The short-lived Villechaize starring Nick Nack was a fast-paced incident, as Roger Moore describes him in Bond On Bond:

"Dear Hervé, he was a funny guy - and a crazy sex man," Moore chuckled.

- I asked him, how many women had he had in the filming? “Forty-five,” he replied with his creaking French voice.

Villechaize began his career on Off-Broadway and from 1966 onwards he was given small film roles. The golden weapon was a lottery win for the actor, as he had already lived in his car longer when looking for work in Hollywood.

The golden weapon was also Villechaize’s star moment in the movies. After that, no roles seemed to be found. He was involved in only six films in 1977-88. However, in the Fantasy Island TV series, Villechaize starred in more than 130 episodes.

Nick Nack handled Scaramanga’s connections to the outside world and agreed on killing gigs.

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Villechaize suffered from his short stature. He was in constant pain. Even so hard that he often slept in a kneeling position to be able to breathe more easily.

By September 1993, the man had had enough. He was in the backyard of his home in North Hollywood and had a gun in his hand. Villechaize fired one shot through a glass door to wake up his longtime girlfriend. He then shot himself. The 50-year-old actress left behind a message saying she could no longer fight her health problems.

Peter Dinklage starred Villechaize and Andy García with his Fanatasy Island colleague Ricardo Montalbánia in the TV movie My Dinner with Hervé.

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Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage grabbed Villechaize’s story in his TV film HBO for My Dinner with Hervé (2018).

- I would not like to make a policy, but stereotypes about short stature still exist. Even dwarf throwing still exists. They are still dressed as elves at Christmas. It never ends if nothing is done about it, Dinklage said of making the film for The Sydney Morning Herald.

The hideout of Scaramanga was located on the small island of Ko Tapu in Thailand.

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