The total number of registered newborn Coronavirus infections in the world has crossed the threshold of 18 million, according to an AFP census based on official sources.

This comes as warnings at the level of the World Health Organization, as well as from more than one country in the world, of the dangers of a second wave of Corona virus outbreak follow after the recorded decrease in infection rates in many countries.

In the most recent figures, at least 18,111,763 cases were counted as the epidemic continued to accelerate, with only one million new cases recorded in the last 24 hours by 22:40 GMT on Sunday.

More than half of the infections in the world are concentrated, according to official statistics in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean.

The United States is the most affected country in the world with 4 million and 657 thousand and 693 injuries, among them 154 thousand and 793 deaths, followed by Brazil with two million 733 thousand and 677 injuries and 94 thousand and 104 deaths.

As for the third country worst affected, India recorded 1 million 750 thousand 723 injuries, 37 thousand and 364 deaths.

While the total number of deaths in the world was 687,941.

Unusual infection

Meanwhile, experts at the White House said on Sunday that the United States is undergoing a new phase of the outbreak of the Corona virus, as "infection is spreading unusually" in rural areas as well as cities.

"We are in a new phase ... What we are seeing today is different from March and April," said Dr. Deborah Birks, coordinator of the task force tasked with confronting the Corona virus pandemic at the White House. She added that the infection "is spreading unusually" in rural areas as well as in urban areas.

In an interview with CNN, Pyrex said that she had gone to 14 states in the past three weeks as part of her work, and witnessed how Americans continue to travel across the country, warning of the implications of this continuing to spread the virus.

For her part, Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi said that she does not trust Deborah Perks, and held her responsible for the misinformation that President Donald Trump said about the virus.

A jump in South Africa

South Africa has become the country most affected by the Coronavirus on the African continent, at a time when it ranked fifth globally in terms of the number of infections after the United States, Brazil, Russia and India.

South African Health Minister Zolini Makizi said that more than half a million people have been infected with the Corona virus in the country.

He added that more than 10 thousand and 100 injuries were recorded on Saturday, while the number of deaths reached 8,160.

Health authorities have warned that the incidence rate is rising rapidly in the country, and most cases are concentrated in the areas around the capital Pretoria.

For its part, Australia announced on Sunday the imposition of a curfew in Melbourne, to counter the outbreak of the Corona virus, and residents will be able to exercise for one hour a day within a distance not exceeding 5 kilometers from their homes.

Arab strong back

On the Arab level, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus in Tunisia increased tenfold a month after the border opened. The Ministry of Health announced the registration of 17 HIV infections and deaths, the first in several weeks, in addition to the recovery of 23 patients.

The ministry said in a statement that the total number of injuries rose to 1552, including 51 deaths, and 1,217 recovery cases.

The number of corona virus deaths, on Sunday evening, reached 156 cases in 9 Arab countries, 63 in Iraq and 31 in Egypt, 30 in Saudi Arabia, 15 in Morocco and 8 in Algeria, and Kuwait recorded 4 deaths, Qatar 3, Palestine and Lebanon one death.

In the UAE, the Ministry of Health announced in a statement that it had recorded 239 infections. The ministry said the number of injuries rose to 60,999, including 351 deaths, 54,615 and recovery cases.

In Bahrain, the Ministry of Health announced, in a statement via Twitter, that 346 new cases had been recorded, in addition to the recovery of 455 thousand and 689.

The risk of complacency

For its part, the World Health Organization said that the Corona pandemic would likely be long-term.

The organization alerted during a meeting of the Emergency Committee to assess the health conditions, the risks of inaction in the response in the context of social and economic pressures.

The committee indicated that it still sees the level of global pandemic risks as too high. The Committee called on the international organization to support countries in preparing for the stage of offering treatments and vaccines for the virus.