The second Tissiflashmob was held in Finland on Saturday. A flashmob is, by definition, an event where a group of people gather in a public place and do something unexpected at a pre-arranged time.

The rapture was held this year in nine Finnish cities. In addition to Flashmob, Infertility has sparked debate on social media, with many women known to the public taking a stand on the sexualization of women’s breasts.

For example, Veera Korhonen, known for her blog about Style Hunting, has published a picture on her Instagram account in which she highlights the fact that a topless woman is treated very differently from a man without a shirt.

- Without those flowers, Instagram would delete this picture because the picture would then show female nipples. However, the same slightly darker leather buttons on the chest are ok in the case of male nipples, which can be ventilated freely both on the beaches and even on the terraces of the bars, blogger Veera Korhonen writes in her Instagram.

- What if the rules were the same for everyone and everyone could decide for themselves about their own body and its parts without others sexualizing it for you. That's pretty jees, he says.

The story, which came to light from the Big Brother reality TV show, has talked about social feminism and how he wants to promote the rights of gender and sexual minorities on social media. She also highlights in her Instagram why women are expected to cover their breasts on the beach as well.

- Why does a man's nipple get visible on the beach and even at festivals freely, but a woman's nipple is sexualized so badly, you don't have to cover it even while breastfeeding? The story wonders on his Instagram.

The story points out that in many social media services, such as Instagram, a topless posing woman violates the rules of the image service. A man posing without a shirt, on the other hand, does not break the rules of service.

- In every place of hell, like on the beach or on Instagram, just seeing a woman's supposed nipple is either inevitably sexual or somehow otherwise but awful, she writes and continues.

- Sexuality depends on the context and sexualization on the permission of its subject. And the fact that a nipple is showing up somewhere is really no excuse for harassment. Nothing ever justifies harassment. I hope in the future you nipples and bodies of all genders will be allowed to show up and be at peace.