(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) A cruise company in New York City was investigated for violating epidemic prevention regulations

  China News Service, New York, August 2nd. New York City officials announced on the 2nd that a cruise ship illegally held a gathering on the sea near Manhattan on the evening of the 1st. The police intervened to stop the gathering and arrested those responsible.

  The New York City Sheriff's Office issued an announcement on the same day that the cruise ship involved was the Free Beauty, which was part of the Empire Cruise Line and set sail from Pier 36 on the East River in Manhattan at around 8:30 pm on the 1st. After receiving the report, the police intervened and stopped the sea gathering. After the cruise ship returned to Pier 36, the police arrested the captain and the ship’s owner.

  "New York Daily News" reported that the cruise ship can accommodate up to 600 people and at least 170 people will be on board at sea. Witnesses posted pictures and videos on social media showing that when the cruise ship departed, the deck was full of passengers, almost no one wore a mask, and no one observed social distancing.

  To prevent the spread of the new crown virus, New York State adjusted its laws and regulations regarding the operation of passenger ships in June this year. According to regulations, all passengers of passenger ships must maintain a social distance of six feet (about 1.8 meters) during the entire journey. The capacity of the ship is limited to the social distance that everyone can maintain; if it is indeed impossible to ensure that all passengers are To maintain social distancing on board, all passengers must wear masks throughout the journey.

  As the New York State epidemic continues to ease and the temperature continues to rise after the beginning of summer, a large number of people in New York State, including New York City, gather in bars and restaurants, during which they frequently do not wear masks or violate social distance. Recently, the positive rate of virus testing among young people in New York State in their 30s is significantly higher than that of other age groups, which is considered to be related to gatherings in violation of epidemic prevention regulations.

  New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo reported in a conference call on the same day that the regulatory authorities investigated and punished 36 bars, restaurants and other businesses that violated epidemic prevention regulations on the 1st. In the past week, New York State inspected 13,000 catering businesses, hundreds of businesses were punished for violations, and more than 60 restaurants and bars had their liquor business licenses revoked.

  Statistics from New York State show that on the 1st, there were 531 new coronavirus infections in New York State, with a positive rate of about 0.9%; the number of hospitalized patients dropped to 556; and 3 patients were diagnosed to have died of new coronary pneumonia. At present, the total number of confirmed infections in New York State is about 416,000, more than 25,000 have died, and more than 73,000 have recovered. (Finish)