The Houthi coup militias escalated their military operations on the western coast fronts during the blessed Eid Al-Adha holiday, without regard to the sanctity of the blessed days, and launched attacks with various types of weapons on separate areas of Hodeidah Governorate, while the militias worked to move military mechanisms and send reinforcements to separate fronts during the period The past, while the leaders of the Yemeni army confirmed their efforts to restore the capital, Sanaa, and liberate all Yemeni areas from the control of the Houthi militias.

In the details, military sources in the joint Yemeni forces confirmed that the Houthi militias took advantage of the blessed Eid Al-Adha holiday and launched multiple attacks on the fronts of the West Coast without regard for the sanctity of the blessed days, and turned the Eid of civilians in their areas of control from Hodeidah into a tragedy as a result of the attacks, bombing and sniping that they practiced over the course of The past three days.

The sources pointed out that the joint forces thwarted extensive military operations by the Houthi militia towards the mountainous area in the district of Al-Tahita, south of Hodeidah, the evening before yesterday, aimed at controlling the area on the only supply route for the joint forces in the western coast, but failed to achieve any of its goals, and incurred losses Large ranks at the hands of the combined forces.

The sources pointed out that the joint forces managed to put down the sources of fire that targeted the villages and farms of the mountainous residents, and forced the Houthi elements to retreat towards the Zabid district from which the Houthi attacks were launched during the holiday, and also worked to destroy military vehicles installed by the militias in remote areas on the road between Zabid and Tahita .

Snipers teams in the joint forces continued to hunt elements and field leaders in the militia ranks in separate areas of the western coast in response to the widespread military escalation of those elements towards joint sites and residential areas, and managed to hunt five leaders and militia elements in the Al-Durahamy front south of Hodeidah.

In the city of Hodeidah, the center of the governorate, the militia continued to violate the armistice, and bombed residential areas in Al-Saleh City and July 7 Street east of the city during the holidays, using heavy mortars and machine guns, and also worked to send specific weapons to the city center and store them in residential areas, as well as they were able The joint of destroying a military bulldozer was digging trenches on Khamseen Street.

On the fronts of the capital, Sana'a, military sources confirmed that the Houthi militias are sending more reinforcements and weapons to the Al-Bayda, Al-Jawf, and Marib fronts with the aim of igniting new confrontations during the next stage, while the Yemeni army leaders continued their inspection visit to the Sanaa and Hajjah fronts, during which they confirmed the continuation of the liberation process and the restoration of all areas under Militia control.

In this regard, the Yemeni Minister of Defense, Lieutenant General Muhammad Ali al-Maqdashi, pledged to restore the capital, Sanaa, from the Houthi militia, and said in a speech to members of the seventh military zone in Nahham, northeast of the capital, that the next stage requires the intensification of military operations aimed at recovering the capital, Sanaa, indicating Until the stage will be a liberation stage for all areas under Houthi control.

"Al-Houthi will not rule us, and the stage requires that differences and alienation towards the enemy be forgotten with full force and determination, until the state and all the lands under their control are restored," Al-Maqdashi added.

On the other hand, the commander of the seventh military region, Major General Ahmed Jubran, confirmed the continuation of military operations on the fronts of the capital's capital until the completion of their liberation, indicating that the military operations are proceeding according to the plans drawn up by the army and coalition leadership, which is to achieve its goals with success.

In addition, the Arab coalition fighters bombed Houthi reinforcements that were moved during the Eid holiday towards the districts of Madghel, the massacre and the Sorouh in Marib, and managed to destroy and kill and injure those who were on board of the Houthis, and also bombed Houthi sites in the area of ​​Salb and Naqil al-Farda in the district of Nahham in the vicinity of the capital.

It also bombed militia sites and mechanisms for the militias in the vicinity of the Al-Muhashmah and Al-Khanjar areas of the Khub and Al-Sha`f district in the Al-Jawf governorate, and destroyed vehicles with weapons and Houthi elements on their way to the seam areas, and also bombed Houthi positions in the Al-Wajrah area in the Kattaf district of Saada governorate, and another in the border district of Razih with Saudi.

• The Yemeni Minister of Defense pledges to restore the capital, Sanaa, from Houthi militias.

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