President Trump has been controversial about the theory of presidential elections, but the White House officially confirmed that the US presidential election will take place on November 3 as scheduled. There seems to be an attempt to block the controversy after a booming storm, such as backlash from the Republican Party to which Trump is a member.

Correspondent Correspondent Yunsu Kim in Washington.


White House Secretary General Meadows said in a broadcast interview that the presidential election will take place on November 3rd as scheduled.

He said that Trump's argument was not about delaying the presidential election, but that he was concerned that postal votes would delay election results.

[Methos/White House Secretary-General: If we vote by mail in all 50 states, we'll see a delay in election results.]

Earlier, President Trump addressed the problem of vote-by-mail through tweets on the 30th of last month . He proposed the theory of presidential election acting as a question about postponing elections until a safe vote was possible.

President Trump remarked in nine hours after a booming storm, including dismissing that there could be no change in the presidential elections, as well as Democrats and Republicans.

It appears that the White House has been elucidated to prevent further controversy.

Former Vice President Trump's rival, Biden, is deeply concerned about choosing a running mate.

We deferred the announcement of the vice president, which was scheduled this week, a week later.

The interest in vice presidential candidates is growing, as former Vice President Biden is dominant in the polls, especially if elected to become the oldest president in US history at age 78.