Prime Minister Sanna Marin and his wife Markus Räikkönen were married on Saturday. Marin reported the matter on his Instagram account on Sunday.

Marin’s wedding dress was the same white silk satin outfit she wore at the Castle party in 2018.

The white suit was designed by Anni Ruuth and made by Pinja Heikkinen, a westerner. Marin's suit is made of beautifully descending pearl white silk satin.

The costume has received a lot of attention and it has been a great honor for Ruuth.

- Yes, it feels really great and I am honored that I got to design the outfit for Sanna Marin. It was great to see the costume he was wearing now, two years after the Castle party, Ruuth glows.

A special challenge in designing the dress was how to design a wedding dress, which, however, does not look too much like a wedding dress, as the dress had to be suitable for the Castle party as well. From the very beginning, it was known that the dress would be both a wedding dress and an evening dress.

- As a designer, I really had to challenge myself. The suit could easily have become too corny. I was inspired by Hollywood glamor from the 30s and 40s.

Sanna Marin wore the same pearl white dress made of silk satin at the Castle Festival in 2018.

Photo: Pete Aarre-Ahtio / IS

Ruuth set off from the wearer of the suit, Marin himself. The personality of the living wearer has great weight in the design work.

- In planning, I often start with who I design for. Marin made it very clear that she is not that wedding dress people. My imagination of his style is quite subdued and classic. I designed a timeless suit for the modern woman, Ruuth says.

Anyway, the costumes designed by Ruuthi do not follow the most traditional line, so a common tone was quickly found. Ruuth feels that the costume became like both its designer and the wearer.

Anni Ruuth is known for her clothes made from responsibly produced feathers.

Photo: Amanda Aho

- I wanted to design a new kind of modern wedding dress that will last a while. We wanted it to be able to be used on other festive occasions as well, Ruuth emphasizes.

The outfit also stands out from the traditional wedding dress.

- The modern approach is also reflected in the suit design. The dress is wrapped around, which is not typical of wedding dresses, Ruuth says.

Anni Ruuth designed a wedding dress for Prime Minister Sanna Marin, which was also used at the Castle party in 2018.

Photo: Amanda Aho

Ruuth has graduated as a fashion designer from the Lahti Design Institute and has become known for his responsibly produced feathers and down-made clothing.

According to a Government press release, the wedding of Sanna Marin and Markus Räikkönen was celebrated in Kesäranta. Only the closest relatives and friends of the couple attended the wedding. There were a total of 40 guests.