The Winnipeg Jets ’start to the NHL playoffs was autumn black. The team not only took a hoe from Calgary 1–4 but also lost two top players.

Immediately in the opening round, the center of Mark Scheifele, the number one center, twisted ominously, and Patrik Laine also left the booth in the middle of the final round.

The Finnish striker unluckyly struck Calgary's Mark Giordano on the head, which made the Canadian nervous.

Laine gestured to Giordano with a gesture that seemed like an apology, but it didn’t warm up the Calgary captain, who was chosen as the best defender in the entire NHL last season.

In return, Giordano slammed Lainetta into the arm with a heavy blow with a crossbar.

A moment later, the cameras picked up a painful look on the exchange bench of a Finn holding his hand.

Laine left the locker room and no longer returned to the trough in the match.

No further information has yet been received on the severity of the injury.