The name is Finnish, Olli Haaskivi. The birthplace of Cleveland and the current domicile of New York speak for Americanism.

True both. Haaskivi has dual citizenship, but he has never lived in Finland.

The name Haaskivi can be found here in the final texts of TV series and films. Last in May in the film Maattomat, which was shown at Yle Areena.

Haaskivi, 33, has also starred in films such as Motherless Brooklyn, The Sinner on Netflix, Boardwalk Empire, The Deuce, Mr. Robot and Manifest on HBO.

The roles haven’t been big because the competition is fierce. Every successful job is a step forward in your career.

- I've lived in New York for twelve years. The best way to get a job is to always do your best and be cooperative so the right people remember you. Many of the works come from people with whom I have worked with in the past, says Haaskivi IS by e-mail.

- I also have an agent and manager who submit scripts. It doesn’t matter if the character is funny or evil, as long as the role is well written. If I like something, I take part in test shots.

New York has been Olli Haaskivi's home for 12 years.

Photo: Bethany Bandera

Although Finns do not know Olli Haaskivi, Father Kai Haaskivi is known at least in football circles. The former HJK and Kiffen player is a man of 12 national matches. He moved to the United States as a professional in the late 1970s.

There, Haaskivi is known as the hall legend of hall football. In 2013, he was named the Hall of Fame of the sport. Since his career as a player, Haaskivi has worked as a coach.

More football connections can be found in the previous generation. Cain's father Olavi Haaskivi was the head of education of the Finnish Football Association. He played an important role in the development of Finnish football coaching. Hall of Fame men too. Olavi Haaskivi was named to the Finnish Football Honor Gallery in 2010.

Kain yarn was the legend of the Finnish team, the pioneer of the NHL, Matti Hagman, the first Finn to play in the Stanley Cup final. Mati's son Niklas Hagman, an ex-NHL player as well, is Olli Haaskivi's cousin.

The family has a strong sports tradition. Olli's blood pulled elsewhere. He knew at an early age that he wanted to be an actor.

- I was born in Cleveland, Ohio, but grew up in the Bradento and Sarasota area of ​​Florida. The parents allowed me and my sister to freely explore our own interests.

- They often took us to watch musicals. I saw Cats, Sound of Music, Peter Pan. Interest aroused. At the age of ten, I already made a little money by participating in theater performances, Haaskivi recalls.

In addition to camera work, Haaskivi has performed in theater, including Off-Broadway with Lisa Kudrow, known from the Frendit series.

Photo: Nick Glimenakis

Football had a place in its youth, but only in a hobby.

- I liked playing with my dad in the backyard. I also played occasionally in the teams, but I wasn’t very good. And it wasn’t nice to face the pressures that the coaches put on me because I was Cain’s son. Fortunately, my parents didn’t put pressure on me. They probably knew I wouldn’t be a weird soccer player.

In the world of theater and film, Haaskivi feels at home. In addition to camera work, she has performed in theater, including Off-Broadway with Lisa Kudrow, familiar from the Frendit series.

- He's one of my favorite actors. It was fascinating to get to work with a professional, I have my whole life held up. I didn’t think that could ever happen.

The theater has its own unique charm.

- When you are involved with a good group in a great play that the audience loves, nothing is better.

Haaskivi has dual US and Finnish citizenship.

Photo: Ted Ely

The general public gets to know the Actors mainly from movies and TV series. Haaskivi thinks the work in front of the camera is fascinating in different ways. One take lives in the film of eternity. Information about the uniqueness of the moment of shooting makes the adrenaline flow.

Haaskivi's biggest dreams are specifically related to camera work. He has done a lot of small roles that flash in a scene or two and roles that are involved in a couple of three episodes.

- I would like a regular role in some good TV series. Not necessarily the main role, but one that I could act as part of a good working group where the character could be developed over several years. That would be a dream come true.

Haaskivi grew up in a family where Finnish was spoken, because the mother is also Finnish. Finnish was the first language Haaskivi learned. The skill has since, if not lost, stuck somewhere in the brain.

- I didn't speak much English before preschool. I still understand Finnish, but I can't just talk about it. I would think the skill would recover quickly if I studied a little or forced myself to speak.

As a dual citizen, Haaskivi holds US and Finnish passports. He was missing from the Finnish authorities for a couple of years when there was something confusing about the official documents. Haaskivi ended up on the list of missing Finns.

- I had to visit the UN in New York to find out and sign some papers.

Papers or not, Finnishness lives strong in the heart of Haaskivi. The home was Finnish even though life was physically in the United States.

- I feel both American and Finnish. Content is important to me and a source of inspiration. As well as Karl Fazer's chocolate.

- I haven't been to Finland in a long time. It is a pity. Hopefully some Finnish director will read this interview, send the script and offer jobs. I would be really excited, as would my parents.

Haaskivi has always liked her hometown of New York. Corona times have strengthened affection.

- I also like Los Angeles, where I have been often at work, but in my heart I feel I was a New Yorker. I love the diversity of the city. During this special time, it’s great to feel part of the community that New Yorkers experience.