Chinanews, August 2nd, according to the US Chinese website, hurricane "Isaias" (Isaias) passed through the Bahamas in the early morning of August 1, local time, and damaged local houses and trees. "Isaias" is currently approaching the Florida coast of the United States, and Miami officials said they have closed beaches, piers and parks. Florida is preparing for the hurricane season, including the distribution of personal protective equipment, and will close the state's new crown virus detection points in areas that may be hit by the hurricane.

Data map: On July 26, local time, the camping trailer was destroyed after Hurricane "Hanna" crossed the border in Mansfield, Texas, USA.

  The US National Hurricane Center in Miami said that on the morning of August 1, local time, the maximum sustained wind speed of "Isaias" was 85 mph, which may increase later in the day. The center of the hurricane is located approximately 80 miles southeast of Nassau, Bahamas, and is moving northwest at a speed of 12 mph.

  Forecasters predict that "Isaias" will move near the east coast of the Florida Peninsula from the evening of August 1st to 2nd local time.

  The hurricane warning on the east coast of Florida has been in effect, starting from Boca Raton north of Miami and about 150 miles north of the Falucia-Brevard County boundary. Hurricane surveillance from Hallandale Beach to the area south of Boca Raton has taken effect.

On July 26, local time, in Port Mansfield, Texas, USA, after the hurricane, an old couple was investigating the damage to the house.

  Florida Governor DeSantis stated that the state is "fully prepared for this storm during the hurricane season and for future storms," ​​including the distribution of personal protective equipment, generators, bottled water and meals. But at the same time, he urged people to prepare food, water and medicine for 7 days, and said that the state's new crown virus detection points in areas that may be hit by the hurricane will be closed.

  Miami Mayor Carlos Jimenez said that 20 evacuation centers are on standby and can be set up with safety measures to deal with the epidemic. "We still don't think it is necessary to open shelters for this storm, but they are ready." He said.

  The mayor of Miami said that the current social distancing measures advocated mean that everyone in the shelter must have 40 square feet (approximately 3.8 square meters) of space and no longer allow cafeteria-style dining. Jimenez said that those who are infected by the new crown virus and need to be evacuated will be isolated in classrooms separate from the general population.

  Authorities in North Carolina in the United States ordered the evacuation of Ocracoke Island from the 1st, which was hit hard by Hurricane Dorian in 2019. At the same time, Bahamian officials evacuated people on Abaco Island who have been living in temporary buildings since the 2019 hurricane. People living in the eastern end of Grand Bahama were also transferred.