EHC Biel, who plays in the Swiss hockey league, announced on Friday about the cancer diagnosis of his head coach Antti Törmänen. At the time, it was said that Törmänen had been severed and was on sick leave for the time being.

After the news, several puck characters sent their greetings to the 1995 world champion and, for example, to 49-year-old Törmänen, who served as HIFK's head coach in the Finnish Championships.

- Really sad news. Antti is a very nice person. He was the workhorse of the 1995 team. He is especially loyal and happy. I have met him many times since then. I would like to send big greetings to Antti and wish him luck in the fight, said Curt Lindström, who coached Leijonat for the first World Cup gold.

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Now Törmänen's club EHC Biel has shared the greetings of the team's fans on its social media channels.

Biel's fan group Tribune Sud aka Eteläpääty distributed a banner in support of Törmänen.

- Get better soon and come back stronger, Tribune Sud wishes.

The pictures shared by the club had received a lot of positive comments. “Quick recovery and all the best for you and your family,” wrote on Twitter, for example.

Stéphanie Mérillat, President of EHC Biel, also spoke of her shock earlier.

- We are all in shock at EHC Biel. We initially thought the illness was related to the aftermath of Ant’s coronavirus infection, but this was not the case. When the diagnosis became clear, it was a hard blow to everyone, Mérillat had said, according to the French newspaper Le Matin.

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Törmänen coached Helsinki IFK in the Finnish Championships for the seasons 2014–2017. He then moved to the rudder of EHC Biel. Previously, Törmänen has also coached Vaasa Sport (Mestis Championship 2011) and another Swiss club, SC Bern (Swiss Championship 2013).

In addition to the world championship, Törmänen is remembered for his playing career, especially for the Jokerit shirt, where he won four Finnish championships.