At the same time as ticket revenues have plummeted for VL, there are no plans to lower the frequency this autumn.

- We will run full traffic and we have set up our service lines in the city of Västerås to be able to strengthen the others, says Mohammad Sabet, operations manager for traffic supply.

However, it will be a challenge to avoid congestion on certain lines. The public health authority is talking about half-full buses, but VL will not be able to increase its capacity to meet it.

- There is a great risk of congestion in public transport and therefore everyone who can and has the opportunity must choose alternative means of transport.

Instead, they will launch an information campaign, keep in touch with municipalities and other actors to try to ensure that not so many people travel at the same time. If it gets too crowded, there are a number of alternatives that VL may decide on. Drivers can be instructed to skip stops, they may draw single lines and prioritize major lines for example.

However, VL hopes that this will not have to be the case.

- One of the largest group of travelers is high school students. If we can handle them in any way, we have come a long way, says Mohammad Sabet.

On August 10, VL will have a new meeting with the city of Västerås regarding the possibility of having distance education or control the schedule to avoid congestion.