The British GP’s second free practice yesterday Friday saw and heard anything but happy drivers. Red Bull star Max Verstappen and Haas driver Romain Grosjean insulted each other on stable radios - cursed.

- You blind mother *******, Verstappen raged the insults dedicated to Grosjean.

Kimi Räikkönen's French-Swiss teammate during the Lotus season did not remain speechless.

- Of course I did this on purpose. That's so ***** childish, Grosjean sarcastically downloaded his radio to the radio.

In the situation, Verstappen was aiming for the fastest possible lap time, preparing for Saturday’s time trial as a clearly slower French driver popped in front of the Dutchman. You can watch Silverstone on the Twitter video below the war of words.

In the situation, Verstappen was driving towards Silverstone, one of the fastest, the famous Maggots-Becketts bend combination, to which the formula drivers can strike at a speed of almost 300 kilometers per hour. However, the Dutch flight pushed the clearly slower Grosjean bypassed above.

Despite the verbal confrontation, Verstappen was pleased with Friday’s whole. He was the fastest in the opening rehearsals.

- It wasn't a bad day for us, he said at the end of the rehearsals.

The culminating time trials of the British GP on Saturday will start at 4 pm Finnish time.