Saudi citizens and local newspapers circulated video clips on social media platforms of the damage caused by the heavy rains that fell in Medina during the past days.

Thunderstorms in the area resulted in damage to some private properties, and a number of lighting poles fell on the streets. Some photos also showed that planes were damaged at Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz International Airport.

A number of photos and videos showed that a number of vehicles were damaged after a part of an apartment building collapsed, causing damage to a number of vehicles that were parked at the bottom of the apartment building. The cold also fell in the Bagduo neighborhood in Medina.

According to the local newspaper, Al-Watan, the rain caused a blackout and the communication network throughout the past week from Al-Eis governorate and its neighboring villages as a result of the fall of electricity poles.

The people called on the competent authorities - as the newspaper says - to find quick solutions to this suffering, especially with the onset of the summer season and high temperatures, stressing that the frequent power outages have caused material losses to them as a result of the failure of air conditioning, refrigeration and food storage devices.

Preceded by the rain, the General Authority of Meteorology and Environment issued a warning to the Madinah region, which included the areas (Hanakiyah, Al-Ula, Al-Eis, Medina, Al-Mahd, Badr, Khaybar, Wadi Al-Branch, Yanbu).

According to the Meteorological Authority, thunderstorms, along with raised dust and shallow winds, will hit the Medina area, and will lead to a decrease in visibility.

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Heavy rains accompanied by cold showers on parts of Medina, may God make it good rain and blessing.

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