The President of the Republic has put down his suitcases at Fort Brégançon, in the Var, to spend his holidays there. If some onlookers hope to see the head of state, the business may be complicated. Emmanuel Macron and his wife prefer discretion.


Passers-by who hoped to see the head of state during his vacation may be disappointed. On Wednesday, Emmanuel Macron and his wife put their bags down in Brégançon, in the town of Bormes-les-Mimosas, in the Var. The presidential couple should spend three weeks vacation there, away from the public. If François Hollande had broken with tradition by opening the fort to the public rather than staying there, the current president will benefit from the double advantage offered by the residence: security and discretion. 

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"I do not think that we will have access [to him]", laments a passerby at the microphone of Europe 1. Posted in front of the gates of the fort or on the beach, a few curious in swimsuits watch for the slightest movement. These tourists and regulars hope to see the president, but escaping Brégançon discreetly is child's play.

Chirac and his friends, Pompidou and his cigar

Jacques Chirac used to give up company with his security for secret escapades, a joke that gave buttons to the security service of the Elysee. "Since he spent part of his childhood right next door, at Rayol-Canadel [neighboring town, editor's note ], he was very happy to come here in secret," explains Valérie Collet, director of the Bormes tourist office. the-Mimosas. "We know now, he was going to see his friends!"

Leaving Brégançon without being seen is therefore possible, in an unmarked car or with tinted windows, but the fort also offers direct access to the sea. During their previous stay, the Macron couple used the boat several times for these discreet outings. 

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At another time, President Georges Pompidou preferred not to hide during his vacation: "He left with a cigar. He went to Saint-Tropez [...] He was a president who was often seen", says Valérie Collet. Even if the Macron couple expressed the desire to go and meet the residents, the health crisis should limit their outings.