Thousands of opponents of interest rate restrictions gathered in central Berlin on Saturday. According to police, about 15,000 people were present, although the organizers of the protest rumored to have mobilized nearly half a million protesters.

- We are the second wave, shouted protesters, ani few of whom wore face masks or kept a safe distance from others, even though the police urged megaphones to do so.

Berlin police announced on Twitter that they intended to take action against the organizers of the protest for violating hygiene rules.

Several politicians strongly condemned the actions of the coroners. Saskia Esken, representing the Social Democrats, called the protesters "covidios".

- No distances, no masks. They endanger not only our health, but also the fight against the pandemic, economic recovery, education and society as a whole. Irresponsible, Esken wrestled on Twitter.

In Norway, authorities said that at least 33 crew members on a cruise ship sailing the popular Hurtigruten coastal route had been diagnosed with coronavirus infection. The ship has a crew of 158 people.

The nearly 180 passengers on the cruise have so far not been diagnosed with any viral infections. 60 of the passengers are quarantined in Tromsø. Authorities have urged all passengers to remain in quarantine until their test results are confirmed.

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In the Philippines, thousands of infections a day

The virus situation in Asia is getting darker day by day. In the Philippines, doctors warned on Saturday that the country was losing the battle against the coronavirus. In a letter they sent, doctors appealed to President Rodrigo Duterte that this would re-tighten the country’s interest rates.

In the Philippines, a record number of coronary infections per day was recorded on Friday, more than 4,000.

In Japan, on the other hand, a state of emergency was declared in Okinawa as the number of coronavirus infections in the region exploded. Residents of a popular tourist destination have been asked to stay at home for two weeks.