On the same day that the assistant nurse and one of her colleagues feared that the patient had covid-19, the doctor in charge of the ward, who is supposed to be "corona-free", replied that the man would not need to be tested, according to the complainant. The assistant nurse then helped the man to shower the next day and a few weeks later she began to feel lethargic and had a fever.

She was taken off sick and later tested positive for covid-19 and sent on to AVA, the emergency department, in Falun. There she spent eight days with, among other things, oxygen and was on sick leave for a total of four weeks.

The complainant: The chain of infection could have been limited if the doctor had taken it seriously

The patient she was caring for was also found to be infected with covid-19.

The complainant now questions how a responsible doctor can dismiss requests for sampling for covid-19 when the patient showed such clear symptoms. The complainant claims that the chain of infection could most likely have been limited if the doctor had taken the staff's concerns seriously.