Friday evening, an amber strip of alpine was covered in a huge fireworks display, as Switzerland celebrated the National Day in a manner that coincides with the Covid-19 epidemic and the rules of social separation.

More than 100 kg of magnesium powder was ignited for the presentation on the Visev mountain ranges and Don de Berrock in the southern Valais region.

Although National Day falls on early August, many celebrate it the night before. On this day, the country celebrates its founding in 1291.

The show illuminated an area of ​​12 square kilometers from the mountains, and it was seen from 20 kilometers away.

"It's like lighting 100 million candles on the mountains, which gives them a warm, lovable glow," said show organizer Jack Morar.

"Usually, a lot of people across Switzerland ignite fireworks to celebrate the National Day, but they were not able to do so this year due to the rules of distance," he added.

Thousands gathered in the Evulin valley at the foot of the mountains to watch the three-minute show, and kept a safe distance between them.