Swedish discus thrower Daniel Ståhl, one of the most watched athletes in the Kuortane GP, did not hide his satisfaction after the race. The Doha 2019 World Championship winning streak of 68.48 was just under two meters from the season’s best, but it didn’t seem to bother the puck star.

- I had a really nice time in the ring. The result is also good, so what's here with a smile. This became a great trip, Ståhl, who gave interviews in Finnish, was delighted.

Indeed, Ståhl seemed to enjoy racing after the crown break, and let the Swede sometimes even dance to the crowd while having fun and running along the grass of Kuortane Stadium.

In the heat of the puck competition, the disc jockey of the event lifted the atmosphere of an audience of about 1,500 by playing the disco hit Tsingis Khan, made famous by Frederik. This did not go unnoticed by Ståhl, who was revealed as a showman.

- Maybe the Finns wanted a little annoying. Well, I don’t think so, it’s a good song, and also made in Swedish. There was a great atmosphere here today and I really enjoyed the encouragement from the audience. I also wanted to give them back.

According to Ståhl, there are a lot of good ingredients in throwing at the moment, but really long arcs are still waiting for the technique to finally snap into place.

- I throw a little too much on the upper body, but wait, yes, it will come from there, smiled the happy puck hero.