The Weeknd, one of the most popular artists of the moment, talks about its upcoming gig. Star holds a virtual concert social media application at TikTok. In the spring, The Weeknd released their latest After Hours album, and its song Blinding Lights immediately became a hit.

Due to exceptional times, a regular tour following a new album cannot be arranged. Due to the corona pandemic, many artists have had to cancel their gigs, but The Weeknd didn’t want to leave their fans completely without a concert experience.

The Weeknd talks about a virtual gig on their Instagram account. According to TikTok's release, the gig that enables fan participation is the first of its kind at TikTok.

The concert will be held at TikTok on August 7 at TikTok's official account. The concert also supports anti-racism work, raising funds for the Equal Justice Initiative, a non-profit organization founded in 1989.

It is The Weeknd’s performance at the first TikTok concert that is apt, as the song Blinding Lights became a huge phenomenon in the spring at TikTok. In the Blinding Lights challenge that toured around the app during the spring, TikTok users around the world danced to the beat of the song.

The Weeknd’s music will be heard next week at an unprecedented TikTok concert.

Photo: Charlie Steffens / ZUMA

R&B artist The Weeknd, real name Abel Tesfaye is an Ethiopian-Canadian musician and producer. The Weeknd performed in Kaisaniemi, Helsinki in the summer of 2017.

Released in March, After Hours is The Weeknd’s first album since the 2016 Starboy album, which also rose to great popularity. The music videos for the songs on the After Hours album have an interesting Finnish detail, as they have been directed by a young Finnish director Anton Tammi.

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