Samuli Samuelsson, who has become the fastest man in Finland, cannoned the Kuortane GP in the 100 meters valid time of 10.30, which is exhausting only two hundredths of the man's record. In Samuelsson's mind, however, the results are even tougher. Tommi Hartonen's soon 20-year-old Finnish record of 10.21 will tickle the mind of the speeder.

- After the Jyväskylä run (10.28), the Finnish record has been in mind. However, it requires even better things to do in the last 20 meters. However, the record is quite realism, Samuelsson stressed.

Samuelsson, who has competed hard, is looking forward to the upcoming Paavo Nurmi competitions and the Kaleva Games in Turku, especially in the language of water.

- If that peak time shakes in either of them. The feeling is that even better is promised if everything snaps into place.