In normal cases, there are over 30,000 passages in one day during one of the year's most traffic-intensive weekends on the Öresund Bridge. But this year it was a slightly more subdued traffic than usual.

By 7.30 pm on Saturday, 15,400 crossings had been registered. Of these, 8,000 had gone from Sweden to Denmark.

Hour-long queues

At times, there were still long queues for those who wanted to cross the strait.

From lunchtime until 4.30 pm, there was a queue of up to four kilometers to the border control at Pepparholm in the direction of Denmark. The longest waiting time was around two hours.

- There is not as much traffic as we usually have normally. But many Danes are on their way home and many Swedes are on their way out, says Martin Döj, traffic manager on the Öresund Bridge.

Even though Denmark has opened up for travelers from all over Sweden, not everyone travels completely unconditionally. Apart from living in the border regions of Skåne, Blekinge and Halland, there must be a reasonable reason for the trip. This can, for example, be a family visit or a tourist visit of at least six nights.