Apple Inc shares jumped more than 10% to an unprecedented value on Friday after announcing positive quarterly results, which helped the iPhone manufacturer to bypass Aramco for a short period to occupy the position of the world's largest listed company.

Apple shares ended the session at $ 425.04, which makes its market capitalization at $ 1.82 trillion, based on the number of shares mentioned in the company's league disclosure yesterday.

This is Apple's biggest daily rise in percentage terms since March 13, adding $ 172 billion to its market capitalization during the session, an increase that alone exceeds Oracle's total market value.

According to Refinitiv data, the market capitalization of Saudi Aramco - which has become the most valuable listed company since its launch last year - is $ 1.76 trillion, according to the last closure.

After Apple repurchased $ 16 billion of shares in the quarter ending in June, the number of unlisted shares it had was 4 billion, 275 million and 634,000 shares as of July 17, according to the disclosure.

With the increase achieved by Apple shares yesterday, it will have increased 45% since the beginning of the year, as investors are betting that it and other US technology companies will emerge from the Corona virus pandemic stronger than smaller competitors.

In its quarterly report, Apple announced splitting its share per share into 4 shares, as trading begins on the basis of change according to retail on August 31, and this will be Apple's first stock split since 2014.

According to Refinitiv, more than 20 analysts raised their price expectations for Apple shares after the company report, but the new average price analysts expected - which amounted to 409.63 - is less than the closing price of the day by more than $ 15.