In an allegedly racially motivated attack, two men from Guinea were injured in Erfurt, one of them seriously. The police say that ten to twelve attackers verbally attacked a "group of three foreign citizens" and then attacked them. According to the announcement, the three Guineans had passed a known meeting point of the right-hand scene in a prefabricated building area in the southeast of Erfurt at night.

The seriously injured was at times in a critical condition. The police spoke of a "xenophobic attack". Twelve suspects have been provisionally arrested. The injured received medical treatment.

According to the police, the State Criminal Police Office in Thuringia and the Erfurt public prosecutor's office are also investigating. Since the crime scene is still unclear, the police asked witnesses to report.

Members and sympathizers of the right-wing extremist micro-party Third Way should also be staying regularly at the scene before the attack. Thuringian security circles assume this. The police did not comment on this.

Hundreds of people protested in Erfurt on Saturday against right-wing extremism and attacks on the right-wing scene. The police spoke of around 400 participants. The occasion was an incident on the penultimate weekend in July in which a group of young people was attacked and injured in a green area in front of the State Chancellery. Some of the attackers have a radical right-wing background. The investigations are still ongoing.