The actor and writer Seth Rogen criticized Israel in an interview with American writer and comedian Mark Maroun via his own podcast.

The Hollywood star - who spent a great deal of his childhood in Jewish schools in Vancouver, Canada - said that he had been "received a lot of false allegations about Israel," noting that Jewish youth are being misled and persuaded that the State of Israel did not exist at the expense of displacing thousands of Palestinians. They will never tell you the fact that this country was established at the expense of another people and other people, they will never mention them. "

"If the publication of such false allegations is for religious reasons, then I do not agree with them, and if this is to truly preserve the Jewish people, there is no point in that. You cannot protect a people by keeping it in one place, especially if this place has been proven," Rogen added. The extent of his violence, "he continued," the Jews dispersed and moved to many countries after the Holocaust, but not to Israel. "

In his dialogue, Rogen also touched on the issue of anti-Semitism, recalling how his father used to teach him that people hate Jews, and he must be wary of this.

"It is clear that people hate those who are not like them, just as they feel confused by those who resemble them but who do not believe in the same ideas and beliefs," Rogen commented.

For his part, Maroun - who is also a Jew of religion - said that he avoids expressing such views openly for fear of the Jews. “I also fear the Jews, but if two famous Jews like us do not speak about these lies that are taught to children and young people, So actor and writer Seth Rogen who accused Israel of misleading the Jews (social media) will?

Lahav Harkov, editor of the Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post, commented on Rugen's dialogue, describing it as ignorance, and that "he cannot understand what Israel means to millions of Jews around the world."

I feel like @ Sethrogen's comments are made from a position of really, really great privilege - and ignorance - if he can't understand why Israel makes sense to millions of Jews around the world. I just hope he appreciates it.https: //

- Lahav Harkov (@LahavHarkov) July 29, 2020

Rogan's remarks have sparked controversy over the charged relationship between Israel and many North American Jews, and according to the Guardian website correspondent in Israel, Oliver Holmes, there is growing concern among Israelis about North American Jews for their declining support for the Zionist state, a renewed debate every time such The statements are from a public figure or a celebrity, especially if they are Jewish.

Rogen, a 38-year-old Canadian-American actor and writer, was a guest of Mark Maroun to promote his latest movie, "An American Pickle", whose story revolves around a Jewish immigrant living in the early twentieth century and works in a pickle factory whose body has been preserved for a period 100 years to wake up in Manhattan in 2020.

To listen to the full dialogue from this link.