On Saturday, Kuortane will see the most anticipated competition of the track and field of athletics to date. In the women's quick fences, both Nooralotta Neziri and Annimari Korte have said that they are aiming for their new record. In the case of the card, this would automatically be a new Finnish record.

The bark has tough international names, led by gig thrower Daniel Ståhl and German spear star Johannes Vetter. In addition to Finland's top names, Vetter is challenged to the second place in the world list with a result of 86.49, the Swedish Kim Amb, who snatched this summer. There are also international names from Norway, Belgium, Estonia, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, among others.

At 1,500 meters, you can see, among other things, Topi Raitanen, who is in good stroke, and Ella Junn, who is at high altitude. Ilta-Sanomat follows the events of the competition in this article.