A press conference was held on Saturday afternoon about the corona infections of the Haldigruten ship Roald Amundsen. The authorities confirmed that 35 infections had been reported among workers.

In addition, one passenger has been diagnosed with a coronavirus infection after traveling on a Hurtigruten cruiser.

Of the infections, 33 have been diagnosed in Filipino staff. According to Daniel Skjeldam, Hurtigruten's CEO, the virus is also believed to have spread through a Filipino employee.

Of the infected workers, 31 have been asymptomatic.

According to the authorities, passengers on the cruise must be quarantined for 10 days from the date they leave the ship. There are also about 160 workers in quarantine.

Exposed passengers have cruised on board Hurtigruten from 17 to 24. July and 25-31. July. On those cruises, the staff was the same.

The infected passenger was on the first cruise.

According to Skjeldam, the company has followed the corona guidelines. Workers who had symptoms on the cruiser were immediately isolated, although their symptoms did not indicate coronavirus infection.

However, Gomsar Wilhelmsens, the mayor of Tromsø, criticized how long it took the shipping company to contact the exposed passengers.

- It took too long from the time the passengers were informed to being informed of the three.

According to Line Vold, head of the department at the Norwegian National Institute of Public Health, the first Hurtigruten-related infection was confirmed as early as Wednesday, and not on Friday, as previously reported.

Hurtigruten was contacted as early as Wednesday, when 209 passengers on a previous cruise were recommended for quarantine, VG said. However, Hurtigruten did not pass on the information immediately, the Norwegian newspaper says.

Infections found on Friday were found in workers.

According to Kathrine Kristoffersen, Chief Medical Officer of Tromsø, the employees have been tested and the passengers still in Tromsø will also be tested. Passengers can leave home, but they must follow quarantine instructions.

He hoped that passengers on the cruise, who had already traveled to other municipalities, would report their quarantine to their residence and take tests.

- The fact that 35 infections have been detected is a serious situation, Kristoffersen said.

According to authorities, the Hurtigruten epidemic affects 69 municipalities.