The sex partner vomited, the partner farted in the middle of the hustle and bustle. A 33-year-old man tells about such embarrassing situations related to sex in Ilta-Sanomat's sex survey.

We asked which sex suede would not be forgotten, even if we wanted to.

- If you have sex, caring and loving together, you will not regret it. Things happen, and they are doctrines and not moccasins, man in.

Sex is inevitably a rather holistic activity of the mind and body.

- Sex could be called “snarling,” so hums, sweat, secretions, and sounds are involved. The body is bent, hands and feet swing, fingers flutter. In oral sex, hair enters the mouth, mucus is excreted and different flavors of the genitals are felt in the mouth, describes sex therapist Maria Linkoaho-Nordling of the Sexpo Interpersonal Therapy Center.

Instead of shame, you should cultivate humor and tact in your sex life.

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Sounds natural

The sounds of bodily functions are very natural, such as tingling in the middle of making love or so-called vaginal piercings.

- Vaginal cuffs are common for women, because the penis is like a crank pushing air into the vagina, from which the air must of course be released and sometimes loudly, Linkoaho-Nordling explains.

You can also start to get tired during sex.

- It's not very wonderful to fall asleep either. Namely, men secrete a lot of prolactin and oxytocin hormone during sex, so men's brains turn off after sex.

You should not take pressure on appearance or performance from sex. Emotional bonding is more important in sex than it looks, says sex therapist Maria Linkoaho-Nordling.

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Humor and acceptance

The desire may also stop during sex, the vagina may dry out and the erection will stop. There is no reason to be embarrassed by any of these.

Both erectile dysfunction and dryness of a woman’s lower end are very common. The fact that a man is able and capable and wants for hours is a big misconception.

- As a professional, I want to overturn it, because false speeches about an incomprehensibly hard and long erection degrade the self-esteem of young men in particular. A woman’s desire may also cease, but a woman may “jam” her desire.

Sex is not glossy.

- Sure, each of us wants to have sex at its best, but it's completely unrealistic to expect it. Yle’s beautiful-bodied, hairless, and lustful people, coupled with a pornographic image of sex, is a myth.

When it comes to bumps, it’s worth remembering that good sex skills also include humor, acceptance, and tact.

- It is worth thinking that emotional bonding is more important in sex than what it looks like.

Ilta-Sanomat surveyed people's sex experiences and thoughts with an online survey. A total of 11,390 people responded to the survey. The survey was conducted on 4-8. June 2020.

This situation will not be forgotten

Because I own handcuffs through my work, they have also come into use on the sausage side. Once, with my ex-girlfriend in the throes of activity, I lost the keys to that iron and couldn’t find them at all. Well, luckily my dad owned the iron scissors and cut off my girlfriend. A little embarrassed, yes, it explained to my father how it was an injury and otherwise just tried irons. - Man, 20

With my ex, we were in his student apartment surrendered to the workbench to a rather hectic go. The table was against a window that opened directly onto the market square and the lively park. Suddenly the roller blind got enough and curled up. In it, we were in good light to be seen by the whole audience, and still in such a position that we could not escape very quickly. And just when we got there, we heard his roommate open the front door. The clothes were, of course, along the hallways, so wrapped in bedspread, we went to pick them up. We heard about this many times. - Man, 38

In a terrible fervor for the first holidays, I went to pick up a boyfriend at the time. Of course, the car had to be parked on the first unused forest road and things started. I leaned from my stand on the open tank bench of the car and the man pressed me from behind. Well, didn’t there some village elder drive his eternal solifer past us and naturally we only noticed him as he drove the silly vorbe with his face past us and whistled happily. - Woman, 21

I had just changed my pill brand and in the middle of sex my period started on the right flood. We didn’t notice it right at the beginning, so in the end there was blood everywhere, the partner’s mattress was the former. I was ashamed of the bottom of my heart and still ashamed. - Woman, 34

There was something amusing about the TV series running in the background just as I was riding on top of a man, which made me start laughing relentlessly. Giggles meant nothing to come to an end. Fortunately, the man also had a sense of humor: he, too, laughed, reached for the remote and turned off the TV, and things continued. - Woman, 22

I came home with the girl and got started in my room. Mutsi wondered why the lights were off and came into the room in the middle of it all. I would like it off my eardrums. - Man, 34

With one day's work in the middle of sex, I got a vaginal discharge. I was greatly upset because I really didn’t know what it was. The partner had a masculine perception that only completed, loose vaginas would release farts. After all, it brings a huge shame to yourself. - Woman, 34

My boyfriend and I were feverishly waiting for his father to go to the store. We thought we could hear the door, so we took action loudly. Later, however, we heard a talk from the living room and the next day my boyfriend’s father had brought condoms to the table in my boyfriend’s room. It is still embarrassing to think about this. - Woman, 29

The girlfriend was on and was approaching orgasm. I started to feel bad, but I decided to go to the end. When we had reached the top, I pushed him off and ran to the bathroom. It was a norovirus. - Man, 48

I arranged to meet at the hotel with a slightly older woman I bonga online. At the hotel, we started having sex when I suddenly realized a woman was my friend’s mother. The whole situation started to get a little tense, and it also affected my erection. The woman probably didn’t realize the whole thing and well so. - Man, 43

I pressed on a peculiar area on the shaft of my penis. After the trigger, I asked what scar or eyelid he had. There is no such thing, there was a tick in the penis. The feeling of shock from the tick in my pimper and mouth was very unique, I will never forget. - Woman, 24

In the aroused state, I quickly pulled my jeans to my feet when I had to move to another location. At the fast pace, I pulled the zipper closed and part of the penis skin was painfully left between the zippers. Things stayed in it and it became a hospital trip. The jeans were also the same after that. - Man, 55

I met a man in a nightclub, ended up going to me and going to bed. A little too much, I fell asleep on top of the man in the middle of the ride. In the morning, a terrible carrot, and the man was nowhere to be seen, but a note with a telephone number was found on the kitchen table. - Woman, 39

We were in the car in the fall and the windows went foggy. After a while, someone pointed a flashlight inside the car, and no matter how, the cops in it. I had reportedly parked on the guardrail Well, nothing more than moving the car and things continued. - Man, 52

In the spring, as allergies rumbled and we enjoyed each other, I began to sneeze. I noticed that I had sneezed snot on his stomach. However, after a little embarrassing stare, Akti continued. - Man, 21

Onset of menstruation in the middle of intense play or showering in a partner's lap, sitting on a bench. The bench gave way and we crashed to the floor. Fortunately, no damage happened, and at the same time we got a decent laugh. - Woman, 28