In June of last year, the borderline of Samcheok Port on the east coast broke down by a North Korean wooden boat. In April-May, the borders of the Taean Peninsula on the west coast were breached by Chinese smuggling boats. And this time, the border network of Ganghwa Island, guarded by the 2nd Division of the Marine Corps, was destroyed by a 25-year-old defector. The most trusted river, the Marine Corps, failed to be vigilant, making it even more painful.

However, there are some points to keep in mind while scolding the Marines. Whether the 2nd Division of the Marine Corps has a reasonable boundary, and whether the blame for responsibility is uncomfortable.

● The Marine Corps 2nd Division alone plays the role of 4 divisions of the Army!

The 2nd Division of the Marine Corps started in the Gimpo Peninsula in Gyeonggi-do and defended Ganghwa Island, Gyodong Island, and even Maldo Island in the West Sea. If you draw a straight line from east to west, it is 81 km. North Korean troops do not aim only at the north side of the island. Be wary of the east, west, and south of Ganghwado, Gyodongdo, and Seokmodo. With this in mind, the Marine Corps 2nd Division is over 250 km away. Of these, it is more than 100 km if only the actual fence is installed. Therefore, although it is practically 250 km, the defensive sector of the 2nd Division of the Marine Corps can be considered as the 100 km of the fence line.

 100 km. Compared to the army, it is easy to understand how much of this distance the Marine Corps Division is guarding. The army guards 150 DMZ, or 248 km, with 10 divisions. One division of the Marine Corps is responsible for 100km, while the army is responsible for 248km for 10 divisions. In other words, the army only needs to block 24.8km on average for one division, and the 2nd Marine Corps must keep an eye on 100km, which is four times that of itself.

Divisions also have an average of 1,000 fewer Marines than the Army. The 2nd Division of the Marine Corps is also overlooked by looking only to the north of the iron fence line. Realistically, there is nothing to worry about until the south. When the censors were scolded about the gun seizure in the 2nd Division of the Marine Corps the other day, the chief of the lawsuit protested, "I can't go home once a day, 365 days a year without holidays, and it's too hard to look ahead, and I can't afford to look back."

If the army is in charge from Gimpo to Nonsense, how many troops do you need? In fact, there was a discussion inside the military that would reorganize the Marine Corps 2nd Division into an amphibious attack force and put the army in its place. The army claimed three divisions were needed. The 2nd Division of the Marine Corps is carrying out a murderous vigilant operation'with evil and can' without any base.

● Lee Seung-do, who was seriously warned... Young-Shin Nam, headless

leader, is responsible for conducting the incident, and the 2nd Division of Marine Corps is dismissed. In any case, the border network has been breached, so it's nothing to say. However, it is quite embarrassing to take steps to warn the commander of the Marine Corps, Seung-do Lee, along with Choi Jin-gyu, the head of the army.

The Marine Corps 2nd Division border operation is not under the command of the Marine Corps Command. The Army's Ground Operations Command and the Capital Corps command the Marine Corps 2nd Division's alert operation. In other words, the Marine Corps Command is not responsible for the failure of this alert. There is no responsibility, but Commander Seung-Do Lee is cautioned.

'Ganghwado Swim Wolbuk' is an event that must be warned whether the Army Commander Nam Young-shin, the ground commander of the Army, is commanded or severely warned, along with Choi Jin-gyu, the commander of the Marine Corps 2nd Division. Nonetheless, Commander Nam Young-shin was quickly eliminated, and Commander Lee Seung-do, a Marine Corps commander who did not conduct the command, became a victim of severe warning.

In June last year, in the case of the Samcheok Port wooden boat return, the 23rd Division Commander and the 1st Naval Fleet Commander were referred to the disciplinary committee and appointed as the 8th Army Commander. Ground commander Nam Young-shin and Chairman Park Han-gi of Park were warned. They were reasonably responsible along the command line leading to the 23rd Division-8th Legion-Ground Operation Command-Joint.

If it was reasonable to ask for responsibility again, the Marine Corps 2nd Division commander's disciplinary action should be dismissed, and the head of the Sudo army commander should have been dismissed. After disciplinary action one step at a time, Choi Jin-gyu, the commander of the Capital Corps, just warned him severely, and Commander Nam Young-shin was unsuccessful.

Commander Nam Young-shin is the head of the double-failure of the border between Gwiseon and Soowol. It is an obvious target of heavy punishment. Nevertheless, one of the hair tips was not hurt.

Commander Nam Young-shin is considered an army general who is promising by the government. It is the leading role of the deconstruction of the warriors nearing the dissolution and the creation of the Security Support Command. The position above the Army Chief of Staff is a prize. In order to save Commander Nam Young-shin, the murmur of the Marine Corps as a victim was heard throughout the county. If he is also an honorable general of the Four Stars, he must consider the situation very uncomfortable and unfair.