China News Service, July 31. According to a report by the National Broadcasting Corporation, tropical storm "Isaias" continued to pass over the Caribbean Sea and caused severe flooding in Puerto Rico. At present, "Isaias" has arrived in Dominica and continues to move toward the east coast of the United States.

  According to reports, approximately 400,000 households in Puerto Rico have no electricity and at least 150,000 households have no water available.

  Puerto Rican National Guard General Jose Reyes said that in western Puerto Rico, at least 41 people were rescued in the flood.

  Reyes said: "Puerto Rico is still trying to recover from the'Maria' hurricane and the ongoing earthquake, while fighting the new crown virus pandemic." Currently 22 shelters on the island are open, and more than 60 people are admitted in accordance with social distancing guidelines. .

  According to reports, "Isaias" may reach the Turks and Caicos Islands and nearby southern Bahamas on the 31st. As the storm encounters the mountainous terrain of Hispaniola, the intensity is expected to change.

  "Isaias" brought tropical storms over 80 kilometers per hour to Puerto Rico, Dominica, Haiti and the Turks and Caicos Islands. It is estimated that the local rainfall on these Caribbean islands is 10 to 20 cm, which may cause flash floods. And mudslides.

  According to reports, the water temperature on the east coast of the United States is very warm, which will help the storm maintain its strength or increase its strength slightly. According to official predictions, the storm may stay offshore the United States and move along the east coast. If this happens, it may affect Georgia, North and South Carolina, and even parts of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.