In the autumn, Lund University will allow examinations and campus-based education on the school's premises in limited forms. Otherwise, most of the teaching will take place at a distance.

At Malmö University, much of the autumn teaching will be handled digitally during the autumn term.

- We will not have pure distance education without digital lectures with occasions when students will come to school, says Per Hillbur, vice-rector at Malmö University.

"Social context"

Why do you not have pure distance learning?

- It is important with the social context, especially for all the thousands of new students who start with us this autumn. Many have made a life change and then you need to meet.

The decision on digital teaching applies until November.

- At the beginning of September, we will make a decision about what will happen after November. And it is because we follow the current situation that can change as time goes on, says Per Hillbur.

On Thursday, new recommendations came from the Swedish Public Health Agency to work from home this autumn as well.

- Our staff will work from their homes as much as possible, says Per Hillbur.

Changed plans for staff

Kristianstad University will run a similar scheme.

- We will have a mixed form, some on campus and some at a distance. Laboratory work is, for example, one such element that means that the students have to show up on site, says Håkan Pihl, principal.

And yesterday's directive from the Swedish Public Health Agency on working from home has affected the organization at the school.

- A week ago, we had plans to try to have as many staff as possible on campus, but after Thursday's recommendation, we have to rethink and plan for a different autumn.