• Spain.Urkullu attends the Conference of Presidents after agreeing with Sánchez on the Basque deficit and debt

The PNV and the Lehendakari Urkullu have issued an order to President Sánchez and have won, Urkullu is at the Conference of Presidents today after starting a debt agreement for the Basque Country in extremis and closing a date for the Mixed Commission of the Quota. The PNV president, Andoni Ortuzar, visibly satisfied, has stuck out his chest and issued a clear warning to Sánchez: " We are not just another autonomous community. We are a nation . I say so, and so does his sacrosanct Constitution."

In an act to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the founding of the party, Ortuzar has assured "We are no more and no less than anyone, but we are different. We are a nation that, by virtue of a political pact and a legal order that ranges from the Constitution up to the Statute of Gernika, passing through the Law of the Economic Agreement, has a special regime of self-government. We are not just another autonomous community. The Basque Country is something else. I say it and its sacrosanct Constitution says it. So let's comply with the ordinance legal by principle . "

In an act before the bust of the founder, Sabino Arana, Ortuzar, renewed Arana's commitment: "We were born to liberate the Basque Country and we will continue to do so here," and demanded that the central government respect the special and differentiated relationship that legality current consecrates between the Basque and Spanish institutions if you intend to continue to have the "responsibility and good sense" of the PNV. In other words, "respect for Basque self-government and a bilateral relationship with the institutions of the Basque Country". "We hope that the central government has understood the message well and we will return to institutional and political normality as soon as possible," Ortuzar said.

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