On the eve of the founding of the army, the company praised by the commander won another honor

  On July 29, on the occasion of the 93rd anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, a certain brigade of the 74th Army of the Army was awarded the title of “Model of the Times”.

  The "Tough Sixth Company" is a hero company with a glorious tradition.

  In 1964, the company was awarded the honorary title of "Hard-Bone Sixth Company" by the Ministry of National Defense.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping cares about the grassroots, officers and soldiers, and has always been very concerned about the "hard-boned six companies".

  In 2004, Xi Jinping attended the commemoration meeting for the 40th anniversary of the company's naming and cordially visited the company.

  At the 2014 Gutian General Army Political Work Conference, General Secretary Xi Jinping received the company's then instructor and expressed cordial greetings to the officers and soldiers of the company.

  In January 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote back to all officers and soldiers of the “hard-boned six company”, encouraging them to carry forward the “hard-boned spirit” and build the company stronger.

  As the "August 1st" Army Day is approaching, Mr. Zhu will explore the story of the "hard-boned" Sixth Company with everyone, and understand the new journey of the People's Army under the guidance of Xi Jinping's thought of strengthening the army.

1. The treasure of the town hall of Liulian

  The "Sixth Hard-Bone Company" is a heroic company that inherits the blood of the Red Army and dares to fight hard and bad battles. It has experienced the baptisms of the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, the War of Liberation, and the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea. "", "Heroic Hard Six Company" and other honorary titles, won first-class merit 8 times, and was commended as "National Advanced Primary Party Organization" 3 times.

  In March 1939, the "Sixth Company" was officially formed in Xiong County (Xiongan New District), Hebei! With a bayonet, with blood, and with the hard-bone spirit of refusing to accept defeat, he played hard and domineering!

  In Liulian's Lianshiguan, there are two treasures of the town hall: a curved bayonet and a letter from the father to his 8-month-old son.

  In February 1948, on the Northwest Field Army battlefield, in the battle at Wazi Street, the Sixth Company defeated more than 30 enemy attacks without retreating in more than 40 hours. There were 140 people in the company, and 127 officers and soldiers sprinkled the battlefield with blood, and the whole mountain was red with blood...

  In the case of successive casualties of comrades, bullets and grenades were all shot out, the remaining 13 people were seriously wounded and still defended their positions. The 25-year-old Liu Sihu rushed into the enemy group shirtless, one man holding a bayonet and fighting tenaciously with more than 10 enemies. Stabbed 7 enemies to death in a row, until he lost too much blood and passed out in the trenches. After the follow-up troops arrived, they found that the bayonet in his hand had been bent and had 11 serious injuries...

  Another treasure of the town hall is the suicide note written to his son by Xie Guanyou, then deputy instructor of the Sixth Company. He was found from the relics by his comrades after he died in battle. It's still teary after reading it!


  My lovely son!

  Today is 8 months after your birth. Today, 8 months ago, at 8:55 p.m., you cut out from your mother's belly. So far you can't call me "Dad". Today, Dad wrote this suicide note to you on the front line, because Dad’s troops were ordered to fight against the enemy. In order to fear your mother’s sadness and pain, I lied to her. I haven’t told her until now. battlefield……

  Junjun, why did my father leave you a last word today? This is not because my father is afraid of death, but because the war is cruel. If Dad dedicate his life to the country, then you will never see Dad again.

  To know how much I miss you, I think it is necessary to leave you a few words: If father died, when you read this book in the future, you will know that father sacrificed to defend the frontier and the motherland. , You should feel honored and proud. You must inherit your father's legacy, listen to the party's words, and be a good child of your father and mother.

  My lovely Junjun: Don’t be sad when you can understand the last letter my dad wrote to you. From the bottom of my heart, Dad is very sorry for you, so that you have not received the love of your father since you were a child. You know, how much dad misses you...

  Xiao Junjun, my precious son, farewell, when you grow up, you must live a good life, remember what your father said, and take good care of the elderly and mother. Don't forget that you are the son of a revolutionary martyr. Don't do anything that harms the party and the people. I absolutely believe in my own flesh and blood.

  Finally, let me kiss your face (on your photo) and hug you tightly...

——Your father thanks Guanyou

2. Be a pioneer on the road to a strong army in the new era

  Entering the new era, the officers and soldiers of the Sixth Company, born in the smoke of war and baptized in the rain of bullets, deeply understand: Only if you can fight, you can stop the battle, and you may not need to fight if you are ready to fight!

  Today, facing the challenges of transformation, the officers and soldiers of the Sixth Company understand more deeply: achievements and honor belong to the past, and only by practicing hard to win can they once again rise to the ground.

  On the road to a strong army in the new era, they sweat and move forward!

  Zhao Song, the "hard company commander" of the "hard-boned six company", accidentally fell from a five-meter rope during a rope climbing training in 2018, fractured his wrist and was implanted with steel nails.

  As soon as the plaster was removed, he made a scientific plan and began to resume training, with dumbbells hanging on his body, 5kg, 10kg... until he finished 100 30kg barbell training every day.

  With tenacity, he was the first in the brigade to pass the military sports "special grade three" assessment. He said: "As the chief officer, as long as one takes the lead, the soldiers will definitely move forward!"

  In 2017, in a competition, the fifth squad fighter Zhang Yaqiu pulled 265 horizontal bars on his body in one breath, rubbed 11 pieces of skin off his palms, and persisted until he broke the company record!

  In June 2017, the company obeyed the order from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, which had been stationed for 42 years, to move to the Lingnan village thousands of miles away.

  What the party flag refers to and where the battle flag is. The officers and soldiers of the entire company set off when they put down their backpacks, and train after putting down their backpacks, successfully completing the task of shifting defense.

  "Carrying the red flag and entering Lingnan, entering Lingnan and carrying the red flag." It is precisely because the officers and soldiers of the Sixth Company carried forward the fine traditional style of "hard combat style, hard military technology, hard combat readiness, hard military and political discipline", and participated in the group army "Lingnan Leading Soldiers" for the first time. In the competition, the "hard-boned six companies" won first place.

  In the past three years, 16 of them have won gold and silver in competitions above the group army, and 19 have broken the brigade record.

  Top: In the 2006 exercise, officers and men quickly boarded the vehicle and prepared for battle. Bottom: In May 2012, the officers and soldiers of the "hard-boned six company" organized a rapid pedaling and the equipment was updated and replaced, which further aroused the enthusiasm of the officers and soldiers for training and preparation. (Imposition photo)

Three, the commander is concerned

  Tiexin obeys the party's orders, and never yields to hard bones! Since its inception, this blood-fired hero company has experienced 81 years of baptism and 161 battles. Each victory is a legend. There are countless heroes and models. Everyone is a monument.

  On October 30, 2014, the military political work conference was held in Gutian, Fujian. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized at the meeting that the lifeline role of political work in strengthening the army and rejuvenating the army is to provide a strong political guarantee for achieving the party's goal of strengthening the army under the new situation.

  Huan Xinxin, who was the political instructor of the "hard-boned six company" of a Red Army regiment of the Nanjing Military Region at that time, attended the meeting on behalf of the former grassroots officers and soldiers of the Nanjing Military Region and was cordially received by General Secretary Xi Jinping. He always kept in mind the scene at that time:

  "About 11:30 noon, President Xi walked into the restaurant with a big smile. He shook hands with our 11 grassroots cadres and representatives of heroes and models one by one." Huan Xinxin said, when he learned that I was the political instructor of the "sixth company". Accurately stated the location of the company.

  "I didn't expect 10 years to pass, he still remembers so clearly!" On January 22, 2004, Xi Jinping, then Secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, visited Liulian Company.

  "He said that he would definitely visit the company again when there is a chance. I was very excited to express my position at the time, please rest assured, the chairman, we must keep our goals in mind, strengthen our convictions, carry forward the hard-boned spirit, and devote ourselves to the great practice of strengthening the army. Chairman Xi praised , While holding my hand tightly." Huan Xinxin recalled.

  "Chairman Xi earnestly urged everyone that the young generation is the future and hope of the party and the army, and the revolutionary cause depends on you to continue to struggle, and the fine traditions depend on you to inherit and carry forward. The political work of the army requires everyone to do it together, and a good job at the grassroots level is an important link. We must take the lead in learning, loving, and stressing traditions, and encourage the officers and soldiers of the army to inherit the red gene and maintain the true qualities of the old Red Army."

  Above: In the 1960s, Zhang Desheng, the old company commander of the "Hard-Bone Sixth Company," led officers and soldiers to learn from tradition. Bottom: In February 2016, Xiong Wei, the instructor of the "hard-boned six company", led Quan Lian to swear to Lian Qi at the Lian History Museum. (Imposition photo)

  In January 2020, all officers and soldiers of the "Hard-Bone Sixth Company" sent a letter to President Xi with affection, reporting on their work and study since the transfer, and expressing their firm determination to bear in mind President Xi's entrustment, carry forward the glorious tradition, and be determined to win the army.

  After receiving the reply, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote a special letter to the officers and soldiers of the entire company, encouraging them to keep in mind the goal of strengthening the army, pass on the red gene, practice hard to win, carry forward the "hard-boned spirit", build the company stronger, and urge them to reconcile Their family wishes New Year.

  81 years have passed. Why doesn't the "hard-boned six companies" steel knives roll their blades and the battle flags never fade? That's because the soul of the army, cast by the blood and lives of generations of heroes, has long been cast into steel knives, immersed in the battle flag, and flowing in the blood of generations of Chinese soldiers.

  No matter when and where, for the country and the people, they are invincible at what their swordsmanship points to.

  Comprehensive from: People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Time Model Press Hall, CCTV, China Military Network