• School, Azzolina: single desk recommended by Cts as a spacing measure
  • School, Azzolina: "Reopening in September we will allocate 2.9 billion euros"
  • School, Minister Azzolina signs the ordinance: starting on September 14th


July 31, 2020 "In September we must all go back to school in attendance. Digital teaching was designed for high schools and can also be foreseen for one day a week, but it is an example and in any case it would only be for children aged 14 years and over ". The Minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina told Uno Mattina, said about the possibility of distance learning.

"There is a collective effort on space and safety, you can go back to school if you team up together" stressed Azzolina. "We are organizing a complex machine for reopening which provides for multi-level governance, from the Ministry of Education, to local authorities, to mayors, to the presidents of the provinces, who have been given" commission power "to search for" other necessary spaces to keep the distance meter ".

"Competitions should be done every two years"
"In a civilized country, competitions should be done every two years, as happens in Europe. Our goal is to carry out these competitions and plan the needs. The extraordinary competition is for 32 thousand places and will be done at short, within the first week of October or so. It is important because it will give stability to our teachers and students. "

"More than 50 thousand teachers and Covid staff"
"It will take many more substitutes and therefore a lot of investments. In the relaunch decree one billion euro will go to the substitutes: both to the teaching staff and to the ATA staff. It is a first tranche, with the variance that we have voted we will have additional funds. We will have approximately 50 thousand teachers and Ata staff, we could call it 'Covid staff' but I hope that in the long run it will be useful to reduce the crowding of the classes and the chicken coop classes ".