Ritsuminin and the people promptly join the group Volunteers from the former Prime Minister Noda requested July 31 15:44

Regarding the joint talks between the Constitutional Democratic Party and the National Democratic Party, volunteers of a group of independent parliamentarians led by Noda and former Prime Minister promptly asked both parties to create another option to receive dissatisfaction with the current administration. I asked you to decide to join.

A group of independent members of the House of Representatives, headed by Former Prime Minister Noda, has been called on by the representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, Edano, to join the new party that will form if he joins the National Democratic Party.

Under these circumstances, on behalf of the volunteers of the group, former Minister of Foreign Affairs Genba requested the secretary generals of the Constitutional Democratic Party and the National Democratic Party on the confluence talks on the 31st.

In the request, "a saucer of distrust and dissatisfaction with the now of the government, to make the choices of another administration, must also be settled early moment" as the basic agreement on merging the prospect of the next week 7 days I ask you to do it and hold a party convention as soon as possible.

After that, Mr. Genba told reporters, "In order to get the right to challenge the Liberal Democratic Party, it is desirable to join them quickly without saying anything. ".