China News Service, July 31. According to a report by Russian Satellite Network on the 31st, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi stated that Tehran agreed to pay compensation for the Ukrainian airliner that suffered an air crash in early 2020, but it involved various technologies and Legal issues, so implementation takes time.

  Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba said on the 30th that the Iranian delegation began consultations with Ukraine on the issue of compensation for the Ukrainian Airlines passenger plane incident in Kiev on the same day. Culiba also said that after more than six months of hard work, negotiations on the issue of compensation for the Uzbek Airlines passenger plane incident have finally begun. Uzbekistan welcomes this.

On January 8, local time, the Ukrainian flight PS752 originally planned to fly to Kiev crashed shortly after taking off from Tehran Khomeini International Airport in Iran, killing all the people on the passenger plane. It can be seen at the scene of the accident that the aircraft has all become fragments.

  According to the Russian Satellite Network, the News Agency of the Islamic Republic of Iran quoted Mousavi's speech on the situation of compensation negotiations with Uzbekistan, saying, "Iran agreed to pay compensation, but it involves various technical and legal issues, so implementation takes time."

  On January 8, a Boeing 737-800 passenger plane of Ukraine International Airlines took off from the Khomeini International Airport in Tehran, the capital of Iran, to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, but crashed shortly after takeoff. The 167 passengers and 9 crew members on board had no life. also.

  The Iranian military later issued a statement stating that the passenger plane was shot down "unintentionally" by the Iranian military and that the accident was caused by "human error." The governments of Ukraine and Iran repeatedly negotiated on compensation, investigations into the cause of the passenger plane crash, and the handover of the black box of the crashed passenger plane, but they failed to reach an agreement.

  Since then, an expert team composed of technicians from Ukraine, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and France has carried out data reading work on the black box of the crashed airliner. On July 23, the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSBC) stated that the international investigation team had completed a preliminary analysis of the black box data.