After the couple came in contact with the iron object, they called the county administrative board and told them what they had found.

- Honestly, I did not think it was a sword. It is quite often that people think they have found something, such as a skeleton which then turns out to be food bones from the 19th century. But I went out and looked at it, says Per Widerström who is an archaeologist at Gotland Museum.

"Fun bargain to make in the discount"

But this time it was a real sword that was found.

- It looks like a sword from the first half of the Middle Ages, from the 13th to the 14th century. As it is now, it is about 90 centimeters long, but was originally slightly longer. The outermost tip has fallen off or rusted away. Otherwise it is very nice. An incredibly exciting and fun find to make in the discount, says Per Widerström.

To be preserved

Now the sword must be preserved and it is in a hurry, because iron objects that have been taken up in the air again rust quite quickly.

- It feels very important right now to slow it down so we can preserve the sword. Then the hope is that we can exhibit it at the museum, says Per Widerström.

See more photos of the find in the clip above.