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The perpetrator has been identified. A fox has stolen a hundred pairs of shoes in the Zehlendorf district, in the south of Berlin (Germany). This is the unusual story told by Tagesspiegel , a local newspaper, and spotted by Ouest-France on Tuesday.

Fuchs, Du hast die Schuh gestohlen ... 🎶In #Zehlendorf wurden mehr als 100 Schuhe von einem Fuchs gemopst. Die ganze Geschichte morgen @TspCheckpoint. (📸: Christian Meyer) pic.twitter.com/pjnKhvobOa

- Felix Hackenbruch (@FHackenbruch) July 26, 2020

As the locals watched their shoes disappear without explanation, they did not immediately understand which thief they were dealing with. One of them, Christian Meyer, whose sneakers had disappeared on his terrace, ended up catching the animal in the act. He saw a fox walking around town holding a pair of shoes in its mouth.

Three people found their shoes

The Berliner took a photo of the kleptomaniac fox, then followed him. The animal led him to a vacant lot where the booty was stored. The photo shows a wide range of open shoes such as crocs, sandals or flip flops. And all sizes seem concerned.

The amateur detective, he did not find his shoes but three people were able to find their pairs, it seems, in good condition.


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