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The tallest swing in the world just opened in Yunyang County, China last Thursday, Euronews reports. Located on the panoramic site of Longgang, it rises to a height of 108 meters and this record has been validated by Guinness World Records.

The world's tallest swing was inaugurated Thursday in Chongqing Municipality in southwestern #China 🇨🇳 .v @CenturyTribune pic.twitter.com/kwnZnhm6Do

- AsiaNews (@AsiaNews_FR) July 26, 2020

The attraction is hung on a high cliff. The structure sports rainbow colors and is made up of a 100-meter-high arch and a launch tower. This particular swing accommodates three candidates, eager for thrills, who are tied up next to each other and are lying horizontally.

The previous record at 88 meters

The three people are then lifted 88 meters high and then released into the void. They then swing in the air at a maximum speed of nearly 130 km / h.

The swing should have welcomed the public earlier, at the start of the year, but its inauguration was delayed due to restrictions linked to the crisis surrounding the Covid-19 epidemic. The attraction largely beats the previous record set at 88 meters, says La Voix du Nord . It was held by a swing installed since 2011 above a stadium in Durban, South Africa.


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