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On Wednesday, a woman in her twenties was indicted and imprisoned. She is suspected of having injured, Monday, with a knife, four people, including one seriously, in a home near Strasbourg, we learned from the prosecution.

The suspect, referred Wednesday at the end of her police custody, was indicted for "attempted murder" on a person and "violence with a weapon followed by incapacity not exceeding 8 days out of three others", according to the prosecution from Strasbourg. “She was placed in pre-trial detention,” it was added.

22-year-old Ukrainian asylum seeker

According to the regional daily Les Latest Nouvelles d'Alsace (DNA), she is a 22-year-old Ukrainian asylum seeker who had been living for about six months in this emergency shelter located in Lingolsheim (Bas- Rhine), in the suburbs of Strasbourg.

For a still unknown reason, the young woman had stabbed four people on Monday, including a man very seriously. The vital prognosis of the latter, a Georgian father suffering from several blows to the liver according to DNA, is no longer engaged, according to the Strasbourg prosecutor's office.

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