• Open arms, Salvini towards the trial. The Senate decides today
  • Salvini court, Open Arms court: multiple kidnapping
  • Salvini lodges memorandum on Open Arms case: "Ship deliberately headed for Italy"
  • Migrants, Salvini: they want to try me for Open Arms too. Judges: landing ban decided by him


July 30, 2020

The Senate Chamber gave the green light to the request for authorization to proceed against Matteo Salvini, presented by the Court of Ministers of Palermo which accuses him of kidnapping for blocking, when he was Minister of the Interior, the landing of migrants to on board the Open Arms.

The votes in favor of the junta's report for the elections were 141 and therefore did not reach the necessary quota, or the absolute majority equal to 160, for the junta's opinion, contrary to the authorization, to be confirmed. Against the report of the junta 149 senators, an abstention.

Salvini: "I have a clear conscience, the cowards celebrate"
"The Palamara, the cowards, the smugglers and those who preferred the armchair to dignity celebrate me. I am proud to have defended Italy: I would do it again and I will do it again, even because only in this July the landings are six times those of the same period of a year ago, with the League in government. I go forward, with my head held high and with a clear conscience, I will look at my children in the eyes, because I did mine duty with determination and common sense. I hold tight to article 52 of the Constitution ('Defense of the Fatherland is a sacred duty of the citizen') and I remember the words of Luigi Einaudi: 'When politics enters justice, justice leaves the window' "I am not afraid, I will not be intimidated and they will not silence me: I remember that for all the MPs, sooner or later, the voters' judgment will come." So the leader of the League Matteo Salvini comments on the Senate vote.