• Salvini court, Open Arms court: multiple kidnapping
  • Salvini lodges memorandum on Open Arms case: "Ship deliberately headed for Italy"
  • Migrants, Salvini: they want to try me for Open Arms too. Judges: landing ban decided by him


30 July 2020Today the Senate will vote on the request for authorization to proceed presented by the Court of Ministers of Palermo which accuses him of kidnapping for blocking the landing of migrants on board the Open Arms. On paper, the majority is unfavorable to the leader of the League, even if Iv has not yet cleared the reserve. The Senate leader, Davide Faraone, has announced that the decision will be announced directly by Renzi, in his speech in the Chamber. If Iv also abstained, as already happened in the junta, Salvini would lack 6 more votes to reach 160, the absolute majority of senators, with whom to block the trial against him.

Thanks to the abstention of the senators of Italy alive and to the vote of an ex M5s who then joined the League, at the end of May the Council pronounced against the request for authorization to proceed for the kidnapping of 164 migrants rescued in the Mediterranean, whose landing in the port of Lampedusa was blocked by Salvini for 19 days. 
"I am absolutely peaceful and serene," insisted Salvini, speaking to the reporters. "The 5 stars will have to decide if it was a government choice they agreed on, as it is written in black and white, or if they want to go ahead with a political process," he said.