The cooker hood constantly collects dirt and grease. It is worth investing in its thorough cleaning, as at worst, not cleaning it even poses dangerous situations.

This is how often cleaning should be performed

Jenna Hakku, construction repair manager of construction company JM Finland, reminds that the grease filter of the cooker hood should be cleaned at least twice a year.

- The cleaning time is known to have reached the point when the filter no longer removes the coils. By the time grease drips onto the food, it is too late to wash the filter. It is important to remember that the dirt and grease that accumulates in the filter weakens the function of the cooker hood and in the worst case causes a fire, Hakku states in the press release.

Especially home-grown chefs and those who prepare fatty foods should remember to keep an eye on the cooker hood and its grease filter.

- The most common misconception about the cooker hood is that it does not need maintenance. However, when the problems start, the fault is quite often not in the device itself, but the cause can be found in the dirty grease filter, Hakku says.

This is how you clean the cooker hood

The grease filter can be washed in the dishwasher or traditionally by hand. If you wash the filter by hand, first soak it in hot water containing dishwashing detergent to remove grease more effectively.

- Before washing the filter, first switch off the cooker hood and then remove the grease filter. If you have not cleaned the filter before, I recommend that you read the maintenance instructions first. Also, be careful that when removing the filter, it will not fall on the Hobs and scratch or break them, Hakku instructs.

The grease filter can also be washed in the dishwasher.

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However, according to Haku, the best way to clean is to clean a little often.

- When you put the filter in the dishwasher from time to time and wipe the surfaces of the cooker hood often enough, you will not be able to accumulate so much dirt. You know they are clean enough and ready to be put back on when they feel like it in your hands and don't stick to your hand, for example, Hakku says.

Remontti-Reiska's trick cleaned the grease filter, which had not been washed for 10 years

Minna, who lives in Helsinki, got the grease filter, which had not been washed for ten years, cleaned nicely by pouring boiling water into a sink where the filter was. Minna also noticed that the hotter the water, the faster the fat dissolved.

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- Miraculously, boiling water melted the stubborn fat! Of course, it didn’t clean up like new, but a significant improvement happened, Minna said.

In addition to the cooker hood filter, you should also remember to clean the cooker hood. One cleaning nick for it is cooking oil.

Apply cooking oil on kitchen paper and rub off the stubborn dust grease layer with it. This way, you just don't need extra time or effort for cleaning. Finishing is possible with a damp cleaning cloth.

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