The task of the holiday is to recover from the strains, but when teasing, health-promoting things - such as exercise - can be left behind.

Alcohol also affects sleep, for example, which is essential for recovery.

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After a humid summer, returning to everyday life can feel difficult if on vacation has taught your body about daily doses of alcohol. Getting used to it can be seen, among other things, in an increase in endurance and in the fact that alcohol makes the mind.

According to Kaarlo Simojoki, A-Klinikka Oy's leading chief physician and working life professor in substance abuse medicine, alcohol abuse does not always mean booze tubes and knife hives.

The moderate risk of alcohol consumption is already exceeded if a man consumes 14 and a woman 7 servings of alcohol per week. The only sure safe limit for alcohol use is zero doses.

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Consider your own alcohol use - 5 alarm signs

For example, these signs indicate that you should consider your alcohol use.

  • More and more often, you come up with reasons to drink. Already in the middle of the week, you’re gonna reward yourself with opening a bottle of wine on a Friday night, or you’re waiting for a moment every day to have a drink.

  • You are deceived time and time again into your own drinking - you decide to take a sauna glass or a glass of wine, but drinking does not get out of hand.

  • You stare at the risk limits of alcohol use and sigh with relief if your own consumption falls below them. In fact, official risk limits indicate unhealthy alcohol consumption to only a subset of people.

  • Loved ones comment on teasing.

  • A glass is no longer enough. If the single dose continues to increase, your tolerability may have changed. It grows quickly and often unnoticed.

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    The lack of social contacts and control caused by telecommuting and holidays can push drinking out of its own control.

    - My own hope is that Finns would come for treatment this year even before the holidays are ruined and returning to work is scary, substance abuse therapist Mika Muukkonen said recently in our story.