It’s the August 1st Festival again,

  When it comes to the Chinese army, Chinese soldiers,

  We often think of a word:


  Remember last year's National Day military parade?

  100 faces from all honorable troops of the whole army

  The battle flag team composed of battle flags,

  The hunting and hunting are facing the wind, and raging.

  In this battle flag,

  One aspect is particularly special,

  Because it belongs to an army basic company

  ——"Hard-boned six companies"!

  Don’t underestimate this grassroots company.

  He was respectively approved by the Ministry of National Defense and the Central Military Commission

  The company awarded the honorary title!

  During the flood fighting in 1998,

  When the flag of the "Sixth Hard-Bone Company" was planted on the embankment,

  From Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi and other places

  The soldiers of the six companies,

  Gathered together under the banner of Liulian Company,

  Work together to fight the Flood!

▲Photograph by Zhang Yongjin Source: People's Army

  Why can the Chinese army be so tough?

  Coming from war and tempering in peace

  "Hard-boned six companies",

  Using the most "hard core" steel and iron bones of Chinese soldiers,

  Gives the best answer!


3690 people died for the country

Six even hard

It was shot on the battlefield!

  In March 1939,

  "Sixth Company" formally became an army in Xiong County, Hebei!

  With bayonet, with blood,

  With the hard-hearted spirit of reluctance,

  Hit hard,

  Playing domineering!

  July 1945

  In the Yetaishan area

  The Sixth Company's officers and soldiers were ordered in danger,

  Engage in hand-to-hand combat with the enemy,

  With only 35 bayonets in the entire company,

  Annihilated more than 70 people.

▲The oil painting "Blood Battle on Wazi Street"

  In February 1948, the Northwest Field Army battlefield,

  In the battle on Wazi Street,

  In more than 40 hours, Liulian

  Repelled the enemy more than 30 attacks without retreating...

  140 people in the whole company,

  127 officers and soldiers shed blood on the battlefield,

  The whole hill was stained with blood...

  In comrades in arms one after another casualties

  When the bullet or grenade is lit,

  The remaining 13 people were seriously injured and still defended their positions.

  The 25-year-old Liu Sihu rushed into the enemy group shirtless.

  One person holding a bayonet and fighting tenaciously with more than 10 enemies

  Stabbed 7 enemies to death in a row,

  Until he lost too much blood and passed out in the trenches.

▲ Liu Sihu, a super hero

  After the follow-up troops arrived,

  I found that the bayonet in his hand had been bent,

  11 serious injuries...


  Six consecutively completed the suppression of bandits and hegemony, the resistance to U.S. aggression and aid to Korea,

  Major tasks such as emergency rescue and disaster relief, construction and production.

  January 22, 1964,

  The Ministry of Defense held a conference,

  Awarded the honorary title of "Hard-boned Sixth Company" to Sixth Company!

  At Liulian’s Lianshiguan,

  There are two treasures of the town hall,

  One is Liu Sihu’s curved bayonet,

  There is one more,

  It is a letter from a father to his 8-month-old son.

  Said it was a family letter,

  Actually Xie Guanyou, the deputy instructor of the Sixth Company

  A suicide note to my son...

  That year, when the company first received a combat mission,

  Xie Guanyou was originally arranged to stay behind.

  But he concealed his wife, took up the steel gun,

  Insist on going to the most dangerous line.

  In the battle, he ignored the enemy's rainy bombardment,

  With your own flesh and blood,

  Paved the way home for the comrades in the Sixth Company.

  Suddenly, a cannonball fell beside him,

  Took his life away.

  After the heroes died,

  A letter of family seal found from their remains

  It's still teary after reading it!


  My lovely son!

  Today is 8 months after your birth. Today, 8 months ago, at 8:55 p.m., you cut out from your mother's belly. So far you can't call me "Dad". Today, Dad wrote this suicide note to you on the front line, because Dad’s troops were ordered to fight against the enemy. In order to fear your mother’s sadness and pain, I lied to her. I haven’t told her until now. battlefield……

  Junjun, why did my father leave you a last word today? This is not because my father is afraid of death, but because the war is cruel. If Dad dedicate his life to the country, then you will never see Dad again.

  To know how much I miss you, I think it is necessary to leave you a few words: If father died, when you read this book in the future, you will know that father sacrificed to defend the frontier and the motherland. , You should feel honored and proud. You must inherit your father's legacy, listen to the party's words, and be a good child of your father and mother.

  My lovely Junjun: Don’t be sad when you can understand the last letter my dad wrote to you. From the bottom of my heart, Dad is very sorry for you, so that you have not received the love of your father since you were a child. You know, how much dad misses you...

  Xiao Junjun, my precious son, farewell, when you grow up, you must live a good life, remember what your father said, and take good care of the elderly and mother. Don't forget that you are the son of a revolutionary martyr. Don't do anything that harms the party and the people. I absolutely believe in my own flesh and blood.

  Finally, let me kiss your face (on your photo) and hug you tightly...

——Your father thanks Guanyou

  Why did the soldiers of the Sixth Company,

  Why Chinese soldiers,

  To be able to use their own life and flesh and blood

  Defend the position to the death,

  Defend the motherland to the death!

  Because they love the land under their feet,

  Love the people in this land more!

  In June 1985, the Central Military Commission awarded

  They have the honorary title of "Heroic Sixth Company".

  However, what we must not forget is that

  Behind such great military exploits,

  It was Liulian's 3690 people who were sprinkled on the battlefield,

  Give your life to your country.


Fighting can stop the war

Six even hard

It was spelled out on the training ground!

  Entering a new era,

  Born in the smoke of war and baptized in the rain of bullets

  The officers and soldiers of the Sixth Company deeply understood:

  Fighting can stop the war,

  You may not need to fight if you are ready to fight!

  Today, facing the challenge of transformation,

  The officers and soldiers of the Sixth Company understood more deeply:

  Achievements and honor belong to the past,

  Only by practicing hard to win, can we once again rise to the battlefield.

  On the road to a strong army in the new era,

  They sweat and forge ahead!

  The purpose is to fulfill the oath made:

  The head can be broken, the blood can flow,

  We must also protect the people and the country!

  The general Jin Jia does not take off at night,

  Marching in the middle of the night.

  During the war, the Sixth Company was hard,

  Shoot and kill with real swords and guns,

  In the peaceful era, the Sixth Company was hard,

  Practice it on the training ground!

  Spell it out on the playing field!

  In 2017, in a competition,

  Zhang Yaqiu, the five soldiers,

  Pulled 265 horizontal bars in one breath,

  11 pieces of skin were rubbed off the palm,

  Keep going until the company record is broken!

▲The Sixth Company Warrior Tang Xiong

  3000m combat physical competition,

  Tang Xiong used his strength to free his hands,

  Faster through the low pile wire fence,

  He just bit the upper cover of the rifle with his teeth

  Creep forward,

  Finally won.

  Soldier Liu Lei insisted on participating in the assessment with illness.

  When doing the horizontal bar, the mouth was heavily knocked on the horizontal bar,

  The salty blood overflowed his mouth.

  But he always gritted his teeth,

  Until excellent results

  The on-site examiner said with emotion:

  "The soldiers of the Sixth Company are really tough!"

  Wang Donglin, the monitor of Class 4,

  He has been in the army for 7 years and has mastered more than 20 weapons.

  In August 2018, he was in an international military competition

  Constantly challenge the limits of the body,

  In the end, he won the first place in the individual event and the third place in the team.

  Show hard-bone in the international arena.

  There are also "hard-boned six companies"

  "Hard company commander" Zhao Song,

  In 2018, in a rope climbing training

  He accidentally fell from a five-meter rope

  The wrist was fractured and steel nails were implanted.

▲The source of Zhao Song in the armed cross-country assessment: People's Army

  He made a scientific plan as soon as the plaster was removed,

  Start to resume training,

  Hanging dumbbells to practice,

  5 kg, 10 kg...

  Until the completion of 100 30 kg barbell training every day,

  With a sense of tenacity,

  He was the first in the whole tour

  Passed the military sports "special grade three" assessment.

  He said: "As the chief official, as long as one takes the lead,

  The soldiers will go forward! "

  In June 2017,

  The company followed orders from Hangzhou, Zhejiang, which had been stationed for 42 years,

  Move to the Lingnan village thousands of miles away.

  What the party flag refers to and where the battle flag is.

  All officers and soldiers of the company set off with their backpacks.

  Put down your backpack and train,

  Successfully complete the shift defense task.

  "Carrying the red flag into Lingnan,

  Entered Lingnan to carry the red flag. "

  It is precisely because the officers and soldiers of the Sixth Company carry forward

  "Hard fighting style, hard military technology,

  Hardened ideology for combat readiness, hardened military and political discipline"

  Good traditional style,

  Participated in the group army "Lingnan Vanguard" contest for the first time,

  The "hard-boned six companies" won first place.

  In the past three years, they have been competing in the group army and above

  There were 16 people picking gold and silver,

  19 person-times broke the brigade record.

  In the "Hard Bones Six Company",

  From the instructor to every soldier,

  They are all demanding themselves with higher and stricter standards.

  If training is the daily routine of Sixth Company,

  Combat readiness is the genes of Sixth Company,

  Then actual combat exercises

  It is the best test of training and combat readiness.

  The flying eagle howls,

  The sea chariots shuttled, and the artillery on the shore roared...

  To meet the needs of future amphibious operations

  This summer, a brigade of the 74th Army

  "Hard-boned six companies"

  Simultaneously launch various professional training on land and sea!

  A person is a mountain,

  A company is a great wall.

  81 years of wind and rain,

  Generations of heroes and six company officers and soldiers continue to relay:

  They started from traditional infantry with bayonet,

  Leap to mechanized and informationized infantry;

  From mules, horses, motorcycles to

  Driving a new type of amphibious combat vehicle through the waves;

  Fighting from a single ground,

  Leap to land and sea amphibious operations,

  Today's "hard-boned six companies" are in line with the times.

  Today, the reason why we live

  A peaceful country,

  It’s because of this tough company,

  The Iron Warriors of the Republic,

  Stay on top of one another,

  Watch the peace for us!


Walk into Liulianmen

Forever Six Lianren

The blood-stained banner will never fall!

  81 years have passed,

  The "hard-boned six companies" still

  Liu Sihu's bayonet that would rather die than retreat;

  81 years have passed,

  The former heroes of Sixth Company,

  Although he has faded from his military uniform and is no longer young,

  But they are still the "hard bones" of Sixth Company.

  Participated in the War to Resist U.S. Aid Korea

  Old man Shi Shoude,

  He is the 19th instructor of the "Tough Sixth Company".

  Speaking of the beacon fire 70 years ago,

  The 90-year-old man was undiminished back then,

  He said loudly and forcefully:

  The purpose of our volunteer soldiers entering the Korean war

  It is to defeat the American invaders.

  Entering Liulianmen, you will always be Liulian!

  The soldiers of the six company,

  No matter when and where, no matter where you are,

  Whether it’s a youth,

  Or an old man,

  With the soul of Liulian throughout his life.

  Speaking of being a new generation of Liulian,

  The soldier Xu Mingming's eyes suddenly became red.

  He said: whenever I am very focused

  When I went to see this banner,

  Will feel it,

  The tears in the eyes kept flowing out.

  Whenever this time,

  There is only one thought in Xu Mingming's heart:

  Use more victory, more honor

  Let more people know,

  There is such a hard company in the PLA team,

  It is called "Hard-Bone Six Company".

  Tiexin followed the party’s command,

  Unyielding hard bones!

  Since becoming an army in Xiong County, Hebei,

  This blood-fired hero company,

  After 81 years of baptism,

  161 battles,

  Every victory is a legend,

  Countless heroes and models,

  Everyone is a monument.

  January 18, 2020

  President Xi Jinping gave the "hard-boned six companies"

  All officers and soldiers wrote back,

  Encourage them to remember the goal of strong army,

  Inherit the red gene, practice hard to win,

  Carry forward the tough spirit,

  Build the company stronger.

  July 29, 2020

  The Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee decided to grant

  The title of a model of the era of "hard-boned six companies",

  Call on the whole society to learn from them!

  Today, the officers and soldiers of the Sixth Company are holding honor

  Standing on the stage of "Model Times Release Hall",

  Just answered a proposition:

  81 years have passed,

  Why is it "hard-boned six companies"

  The steel knife does not roll the blade, and the battle flag does not fade?

  That's because generations of heroes

  The army soul cast with blood and life,

  Already cast into steel knives,

  Dip into the battle flag,

  Flowing in the blood of generations of Chinese soldiers.

  Anywhere, anytime,

  For the country and the people,

  What their swordsman pointed out was invincible.

  A military cap, with the trust of the motherland;

  A steel gun, picking up the hope of the people;

  A green military uniform, wrapped like a steel wall

  Flesh body!

  Today, let us present to the cutest person!