• Politics.Pedro Sánchez "vindicates" the program of the coalition government and assures that it is "the one that asks for Europe"
  • Coronavirus crisis - EU leaders close landmark deal with $ 390 billion in downloads

The Government insists that social distancing measures must continue to prevent the spread of Covid-19. However, socialists do not apply this measure to themselves. The PSOE bench appears full in today's plenary session of Congress.

Chamber sources explained to EL MUNDO that there is no new agreement between the spokespersons to expand the capacity, with which the limit continues to be 50%. However, the socialists are more than 100%. None of its 120 deputies has asked for the telematic vote. They are joined by several senators, who wanted to be present to applaud Sánchez while explaining the latest agreements of the European Council.

Parliamentary sources have explained to this newspaper their discomfort in this situation. "If the deputies of Congress and the government group do not comply with the indications of the Ministry of Health, they are giving a terrible example to all citizens," said those sources.

The two large groups have tried to overcome the self-limitation of capacity that the groups imposed with the start of the alarm state. The Popular Group, especially, has already asked since March that all its deputies be allowed to attend, something that did not happen while the institutional institutional situation was maintained.

The deputies do use a mask, since they are shoulder to shoulder, but the narrowness of the seats prevents them from keeping the smallest distance between them.

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