The British Sports Minister said that the Saudi offer to acquire Newcastle United is a football affair, and although he "monitors" the case he does not interfere in it.

The Premier League Board is examining the acquisition offer as part of the "Owners and Managers Test", which assesses the legal and financial eligibility of new owners to join the competition club owners.

"I do not feel at all comfortable about the level of expectations about the government's interference in matters related to football decisions very clearly," Sports Minister Nigel Huddlestone told Sky Sports.

"There are checks, of course, during any such acquisition, and I think that is definitely appropriate," he added.

"I follow the process, but the decision belongs to the people involved, and it would not be appropriate for me to intervene at this level," he revealed.

Newcastle coach Steve Bruce called for clarity in the takeover offer, to allow the club to start planning for the next season.

The British newspaper "Telegraph" reported that although Mike Ashley, the current owner of Newcastle, agreed to sell the club to Saudi Arabia for $ 375 million since last April, the many accusations leveled against the Kingdom - which reached the British Parliament - froze the deal that was expected to be concluded within a few Weeks.

The newspaper revealed that the passage of 17 weeks without the completion of the deal prompted Ashley to despair of it, and made him enter since the beginning of this month in talks with American businessman Henry Morris, who announced his desire to buy Newcastle as well, noting the freedom of the English club owner to sell it to another buyer, especially that The Saudi takeover deal included the payment of a deposit that had expired, which brought it to a standstill.