China News Service, July 28. According to Euronet citing news from the Greek Eunice News Agency, on the evening of the 26th local time, statistics from the Greek Ministry of Health showed that there were 27 new confirmed cases of new crown in Greece that day, and a total of 4,193 confirmed cases. In the past 24 hours, there was 1 new death from the new crown, with a total of 202 deaths.

Data map: Greece under the epidemic.

  According to data, of the 27 newly confirmed cases, 8 were imported cases and the remaining 19 were local community infections.

  According to reports, although the current number of confirmed and dead patients with the new crown in Greece is far below the global average, the Greek professor of infectious disease Cypsas still expressed concern about the Greek epidemic in an interview with the television station ANT1. He said that the new crown virus has spread in the Greek community, especially in the two big cities of Athens and Thessaloniki. He believes that the Greek people should be more vigilant.

  Sepsus said that he noticed that the Greek people have now taken a relaxed attitude towards the new crown epidemic, and many Greeks behave as if the new crown virus does not exist. He said, “We have already said that this summer will be different from last summer, but in fact, judging from the current situation, the performance of most young people is the same as in previous summer vacations, which is very dangerous.”

  It is reported that the Greek Medical Expert Committee has recommended to the authorities to cancel this year's "Sabbath of the Virgin" (August 15) celebration.

  According to reports, the "Sabbath of the Virgin" is one of the most important holidays in the Greek Orthodox Church. By convention, most Greeks leave the city to go to various islands or return to their hometown for vacation before the holiday. In order to celebrate the arrival of the festival, the Greek Ministry of Culture will hold celebrations at this time of the year. National museums and archaeological sites are open to the public for free on that day, and concerts, dances, plays, movies, and poetry appreciation sessions will be held for several days. .

  Greek medical experts believe that the "Sabbath of the Virgin" is as lively as Easter. Locals and tourists will gather on a large scale, so there is a major risk of an outbreak. It is expected that the Greek authorities will not allow people to celebrate the "Sabbath of Our Lady" in 2020.

  Earlier, Hadalias, Deputy Minister of the Greek Civil Protection Department, had stated that community religious celebrations would cease until the end of August.

  In addition, the Greek government also announced that due to the epidemic, the ban on the operation of elderly activity centers, chess and card rooms, and dance halls will be extended from July 26 to August 31, but it will allow elderly activity centers for the elderly, the disabled and orphans. Provide home care services. (Liang Manyu)