Focus interview: What is the origin of this company? Why is it called the "Hard-Bone Six Company"?

CCTV News (Focus Interview): How can the People's Army become the hardest one? Since its establishment 81 years ago, this company has achieved remarkable results, with the "hard-bone spirit" of "overwhelming all enemies' cruelty, perseverance, and persistence" and "excellent combat readiness, excellent combat style, excellent military technology, and excellent military discipline." It is well-known throughout the entire army, and it is the "hard-boned six company" of a brigade of the 74th Army of the Army.

  In the military parade celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, there was a dazzling banner with the words "Heroes Hard Six Company".

  The "Hard-Bone Sixth Company" is a heroic company that inherits the blood of the Red Army and has established impressive military exploits. In March 1939, the Sixth Company was formed with 14 Red Army soldiers as the backbone. In 1940, the company made its first battle at Majiaying. More than 80 officers and soldiers successfully blocked the five consecutive attacks of more than 300 Japanese troops, and became famous in the first battle. In 1945, the sixth company served as the main attacking company of the second echelon and took the enemy's main position. In 1964, the Sixth Company was awarded the honorary title of “Hard-Bone Sixth Company” by the Ministry of National Defense for “hardened combat readiness, hard combat style, hard military technology, and hard military discipline”. In 1985, he was awarded the honorary title of "Heroic Sixth Company" by the Central Military Commission. The Sixth Company has participated in 161 battles and won 8 first-class merits and 27 second-class merits.

  The "hard-boned six companies" that came from the flames of war, like magnets, attracted everyone who approached him. During the war years, the Sixth Company dared to fight and charged, and numerous battle heroes emerged. In peacetime, the Sixth Company has integrated this kind of hard-bodied nature into the large-scale military training operations, and it is still a company that dares to fight tough and bad battles.

  In the morning of an exercise, the troops just started training, they caught up with a storm, bad weather, and a complex battlefield environment, which added uncertainty to the training. The Sixth Company decided that the exercise should proceed as planned.

  In 2016, during an actual military exercise, a strong wind suddenly blew, and the squad leader Yang Bingbing led an assault team to launch a storm in an assault boat. When approaching the beach, the 6-meter-high waves overturned the assault boat, and all the commandos were detained inside the boat. Yang Bingbing dived into the capsized boat three times in the wind and waves, and pulled out the entire class one by one.

  In order to continue the heroic saga that can fight tough battles, the 12 squads of the Sixth Company are all named after battle heroes, so that each of the Sixth Company fighters in them can always maintain a fighting state that is not afraid of life and death.

  In the field training of the Sixth Company, the Paiqi and Banqi named after the heroes of the Sixth Company's war years were welcomed into the tent.

  The "hardness" of the "hard-boned six companies" is played out: obey the party's command, can win battles, and have a good style. During the Revolutionary War, the company obeyed its dispatch and moved to the Jizhong, Jinsui and Northwest battlefields. During the adjustment and reform, the Sixth Company followed orders to move from Hangzhou, which had been stationed for more than 40 years, to Lingnan. As soon as they arrived in the new camp, the officers and soldiers of the Sixth Company did not settle their belongings step by step, but went directly to training.

  Due to the differences between the new and old resident training venues and the climate environment, Liulian faced many challenges when first arrived in Lingnan. After half a year of adjustment, they took the first place in the group army "Lingnan Vanguard" contest for the first time.

  However, the six companies on the road to reform were not all smooth sailing. The Sixth Company, which used to be the first company in terms of training performance, counted down the entire brigade in a communication test for the captain at the beginning of this year.

  Regarding this failure, the officers and soldiers of the Sixth Company quickly realized that they had not converted themselves from the traditional way of thinking in the past to controlling information equipment. The past history of relying on good physical fitness to dominate is no longer applicable.

  After finding the reason, the officers and soldiers of the Sixth Company quickly adjusted. They stepped up their efforts to integrate into the new composite battalion formation. They also took the lead in the whole brigade to carry out one-specialty, multiple-specialty and multiple-ability training. 85% of the officers and soldiers of the company are proficient. More than one major.

  In the three years since the migration, the Sixth Company accelerated the pace of change by relying on excellent military skills. In the entire brigade, it was the first to organize live ammunition shooting in unfamiliar areas, the first to organize dangerous sea conditions to attack tough seas, and the first to deploy fully equipped in complex weather. It was rated as "Advanced Military Training Unit" and "Practicing Unit for Strong Army Targets" by the Army. The achievement of these achievements is based on another hardship of the Sixth Company: excellent style.

  In 2019, as the Blue Army, the Sixth Company participated in a major exercise task organized by the superior. After holding its position in the sweltering fortifications for more than 3 hours, the Sixth Company sneaked an attack on the enemy command vehicle and successfully carried out beheading operations against the enemy. The exercise ended early. Just as Quan Lian was excited about this victory, a full-fire "Celebrity Revelation Meeting" was held. Ordinarily, to achieve such a success, a celebration party should be held, but the Sixth Lian held a short meeting to reflect on the problems in this exercise.

  When results are achieved, the "Celebrating the Shortcomings" will make the officers and soldiers more sober. When cadres take up positions at the "full moon" or when they are transferred, the branch must hold a "receiving wind and dust meeting". The so-called "receiving wind and dust" refers to the tradition of providing suggestions, pointing out problems, exposing shortcomings, and sending rumors to the cadres on the company’s working conditions. It has lasted for 43 years.

  New platoon leader Gao Bowen, as a fully qualified student of the military academy, voluntarily asked to come to Sixth Company. He originally wanted to take advantage of the aura of the "hard-boned Sixth Company", but after working in the company for a full month, the branch specially prepared a "wind meeting" for him. I received dozens of suggestions from the backbone of party members.

  This way of meeting is also reflected in the usual organization and life meetings. At the meeting, the nearly harsh reminders and help from ordinary party members also often make everyone participating in the meeting sweat.

  This kind of excellent style has allowed Liulian to win many battles and become a tough company. The “hardened six company” that has undergone adjustments and reforms is moving towards a new goal. On January 18, 2020, President Xi Jinping put forward new hopes in his letter to the officers and soldiers of the Sixth Company of the Hardened Sixth Company: I hope that you will keep in mind the goal of strengthening the army, inherit the red gene, practice hard to win the skills, and carry forward the "hard-bone spirit". , To build the company stronger.

  In the Sixth Company, the courage to fight for the country, "dare to die to serve the country, and shine the sword when confronted by the enemy". Today, this gene passed down from the ancestors has flowed into the bloodline of officers and soldiers in the new era with "post-90s" and "post-00s" as the mainstay.

  What is the success code of "Hard-Bone Six Company"? Obey the party's command, be absolutely loyal, red gene, strong army to win, training and preparation, sharp knife and iron fist, party building is essential, steel discipline. Only by forging more elite troops that are daring, capable, good at, and victorious, can the goal of strengthening the army in the new era be better achieved, and the mission and tasks of the army in the new era can be better accomplished.